Smart Omega has been banned from all Valve events due to match-fixing, leading to an impromptu Closed Qualifier for the upcoming SEA DPC.

In a shocking announcement by Beyond the Summit, an Upper-division Philippine team, Smart Omega (aka Omega Esports) is now banned from all Valve-sponsored events. The ban imposed is due to the team's engagement in match-fixing activities. As a result, BTS announced that there will be changes in the DPC slots allocation for both the Upper and Lower Division. There will also be an impromptu closed qualifier on 26th November for a slot in the lower division.

Smart Omega and its previous roster banned from Valve due to match fixing

Just a few days ago, Smart Omega revealed its new lineup for the upcoming DPC 2021-22. The new additions to the team included ex-MVP.Phoenix player, Lee "Forev" Sang-don, and two fresh faces, Ramzi "Ramz" Bayhaki and Liew "Eren" Jun Jie. 

Today, the official page of SEA DPC League announced Smart Omega’s ban due to engagements in match-fixing. The post listed the names of the previous roster including their coach. Fortunately, it excludes the newer members; Forev, Ramz, and Eren. 

Dota 2 Banned Players:

  • Dave Hiro “Hiro” Miyata
  • Prince "Prince" Daculan 
  • Patt Piolo “Piolz” L. Dela Cruz
  • Ryniel Keit "Zenki" Calvez
  • Van Jerico "Van" Manalaysay
  • Chris “CTY” Ian Francis Maldo (Coach)

This ban is effective immediately and not only affects Omega Esports but also another Upper Division team, Execration. One of the banned players, Van is (now was) a part of Execration’s roster and the team will need to replace him with an 'eligible player'. Execration will keep its slot and continue competing in the upcoming DPC SEA League Winter Tour.

There were no specific details mentioned regarding Smart Omega's match-fixing activity. However, Moon Lim who is the co-founder of Moon Studios, posted a Tweet which possibly meant the match-fixing report was done by their party. 

SEA DPC league Winter tour will hold an impromptu closed qualifier

This incident led to abrupt changes in the DPC slot allocation of the Upper and Lower division. The removal of Smart Omega from the Upper Division leaves an empty slot. As a result, BTS will allow BOOM Esports to compete in the Upper Division for the upcoming season.

Boom Esports will retain their Division I slot from the previous season as the 7th place finishing team for the upcoming 2021-2022 Winter Tour.

Beyond the Summit

In the announcement, BTS also disclosed that it will organize a closed qualifier for the additional, open lower division slot. Three teams, finalists of the second open qualifier, will compete for the one slot in the lower division.

This chain of events came just several days prior to the commencement of SEA DPC 2021-2022 on 29th November. Smart Omega has yet to release any statement regarding this issue.

Tournament Admin Issues Statement

Tournament executive Moon 'Moon' Lin has come o ut with a statement that highlights the timeline of the entire process. The admin received a sensitive report from the integrity team on September 8 and she took measures to allow players to come forth with any information. Nudging players on both teams to play fair and put their best game forward, unfortunately, was not enough.

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