On the back of a win over HellRaisers, Team Spirit’s Mira let the broadcast know who should be on the chopping board in 7.31.

Having been sent to the Lower Bracket by HellRaisers on day one, Team Spirit was out for blood on the final day of the DPC EEU Tour 1 Finals. Taking on the team that sent them to the bottom, the squad aimed to prove that that loss was a fluke.

A prove they did. A pair of victories showed the kind of gameplay we've come to expect from Team Spirit. The TI10 winners and EEU DPC Tour 1 table-toppers were far more calculated and exacting in their rematch against HellRaisers

A Return to Form for Team Spirit

Game one really showed exactly why Team Spirit have been so successful over the past year and a half. The coordination and draft all synergised into a perfect storm that countered and minimized HellRaisers ability to do anything. 

Knowing that HellRaisers did best when they had control of laning phase and engagements, Spirit played around them. And just like in their TI10 victory, some incredible individual effort Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov made a big impact.

Game one wrapped up with a methodical but never in doubt victory for Team Spirit.

Making it Official

Team Spirit came out the gate swinging in the second game. Aggressively trading with Collapse's Dark Seer, the off lane of Spirit bullied HellRaisers into a corner. This left Arman "Malady" Orazbayev struggling to breath on Abaddon.

HellRaisers found themselves pushed back by Team Spirit's relentless siege as the match progressed. The team was incredibly focused on towers and objectives, and it meant so much space was available for Yatoro's Monkey King. In the end, there was little HellRaisers could do, but accept elimination.

Team Spirit's Mira post-game interview

Generously taking part of his 30-minute break between this game and the Grand Finals, Team Spirit's Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov gave the BeyondTheSummit broadcast a post-game interview. In it he discussed the previous matchup with HellRaisers.

"I think it was just a bad day. We were not in the right mood, we weren't ready for the picks. We picked bad I think." But Mira stressed that's all it was, an off day and the team moved past it. "It was just a bad day. We didn't think about it. We just moved on."

But the most pressing question to come out of the interview, was what Mira was excited for in the upcoming 7.31 patch.

"I'm waiting for Marci, but a bit nerfed. But I want Marci to be a position four, but it's a bit too strong now. If it will be fixed a bit it would be a fun hero to play."

"And I want Techies and Tinker just removed from the game."

After their victory, Team Spirit and Mira are set to take on Virtus.pro in the Grand Finals of the DPC EEU Tour 1 Regional Finals. But regardless of the result, Team Spirit will walk away with at least 130 DPC points and $25,000. The winner of that match will receive 250 DPC points and $50,000.

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