Following an important win against 4 Zoomers, 4 position player Cr1t talked with talent about the ups and downs of EG’s time in this first DPC tour

After a rough first match against TSM, Evil Geniuses look to back in form this evening. Up against long time NA mainstay, 4 Zoomers, EG looked clean and polished. Rather than getting 2-0 this time, EG were the ones doing the 2-0ing, putting 4 Zoomers in their place and knocking them out of the tournament.

EG's 2 game beatdown

In game one, it started off decently for the Zoomers. But the cores of EG quickly spiraled out of control. Artour "Arteezy" Babaev popped off on his signature Terrorblade and Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko put on an absolute clinic as Centaur Warunner. At one point, the player actually was leading the networth chart ahead of a free farming Arteezy.

In game two, EG again dropped the hammer down of the Zoomers. Even with a surprise Lone Druid last pick for Guilherme Silva "Costabile" Costábile, EG did not let up.

The "Abed" Azel L. Yusop, Puck, was able to dismantle any resistance. Again, Nightfall played a spectacular game, this time on Outworld Devourer ending the game with a 14-1 score. With this victory, Evil Geniuses now set up an elimination match against Quincy Crew.

Reunited and it feels so good

After the match, the talent got the chance to talk to 4 position player Andreas Franck "Cr1t-" Nielsen about EG's journey this season. He told them that it was great to get back together with the rest of the team even though Nightfall is not there with the team.

He hasn't met many of the EG players since TI, including Arteezy and their coach Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale. So it is a reunion of sorts for the Evil Geniuses players.

Cr1t and the boys putting in the work

Regarding their earlier loss against TSM, Cr1t said that it wasn't just one thing that led to their loss. He noted that it's never that simple in Dota and that there are a lot of factors that can contribute to a loss.

He felt that the team had been a little overconfident going into the series. EG had good scrim results before the game, and perhaps that had led them to underestimate TSM. At the moment, they're thinking about how to respond to TSM getting this good, but are working on beating Quincy first.

"It's a mix of things. We were also a bit confident going into the game. We have to put more respect to them. They are a good drafting team, they have a lot of good ideas. Also they understand us really well. A lot of their ideas have been about what they need to beat us, cause that's the way its been in NA for a long time. We've kind of been the team to beat and they are getting there now. We are trying to figure out how to respond to that. [...] It's nice to get some resistance."

Cr1t says they respect the North American teams cause they know these teams can beat any Dota 2 team on a good day. With the target on their backs, they've had to take every team they faced seriously. Because of the team's slow start this season, they've had to work extra hard on getting the team dynamic to be better. This is in contrast to TSM who've been together awhile and have been constantly building the team.

Learning from others

"We only scrim NA and SA teams. its been like that for a while. its been a long time since we've played European teams", Cr1t continued. "Mostly, we look at China. I think our style is closer to China than the European meta."

When asked about who the team scrimmed with, Cr1t noted that they've only done so with NA and SA teams. However, he did note that the team does watch a lot of teams from China. Cr1t said that he thinks their playstyle is the most similar to China rather than other regions. Although, they do watch other teams that win in other regions, to see what they do, but not necessarily to get inspiration from them.

What expectations does Cr1t have of the new patch?

At this point, I've set my expectations low cause I feel like the game should change in every aspect. I know that's not going to happen.

Evil geniuses cr1t

Ephey: We know that the patch is coming soon. Are there any changes that you, as a position 4 player, would like to see?

Cr1t: (laughs). "There are a lot of changes I'd like to see. At this point, I've set my expectations low cause I feel like the game should change in every aspect. I know that's not going to happen. Ill take anything i get

Just a little bit, a little bit, like a slight Earth Spirit buff would be fine."

And so, the last day of the NA regional finals are upon us. Who will advance? Who will win the entire tournament? For more Dota 2 coverage, stick with us here at!

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