A complete schedule and upcoming matches for Division I Tour 3 DPC.

The 3rd and final DPC season of 2021/2022 is starting soon and a month-long competitive league lies ahead. Tour 3 DPC will see all regions participate including the EEU region which was indefinitely postponed in Tour 2.

How long is Tour 3 DPC?

The Tour 3 DPC begins from June 7 until July 18, making it 41 days of the Regional Leagues.

What is the prize pool of Tour 3 DPC?

Tour 3 DPC rewards the same number of prize money from previous seasons. Division I teams earn more than the Division II teams.

PlaceDivision IDivision II
1st$30,000 $17,000
2nd$28,000 $16,000
3rd$27,000 $15,000
4th$26,000 $14,000

What is the DPC points distribution for Tour 3 DPC?

Unlike the previous season, Tour 3 DPC rewards a larger number of DPC points. Valve made it a point to exponentially increase DPC points throughout the seasons, indicating that the closer it is to TI, the more important it is to perform. It is also to make sure that those who qualify for TI are the best performing in recent times as well as those that are consistent throughout the year.

Here is the DPC points distribution for Tour 3 DPC

  • 1st: 500
  • 2nd: 300
  • 3rd: 200
  • 4th: 100
  • 5th: 50
  • 6th: –
  • 7th: –
  • 8th: –

There are no DPC points for Division II.

After the regional leagues conclude, the top teams of each region will head to the next Dota 2 Major in Arlington, USA.

All upcoming matches of Division I Tour 3 DPC

Here are all the dates for each region’s Division I Tour 3 DPC. Note that some final matches of the DPC still do not have a given date and that will be released further into the league.

*All dates and times are according to SGT.

Division I WEU DPC Tour 3 Schedule

7 June09:00 PMTeam Secret vs OG
8 June12:00 AMGaimin Gladiators vs Entity
8 June09:00 PMAlliance vs Tundra Esports
11 June09:00 PMTeam Liquid vs Goonsquad
12 June12:00 AMAlliance vs Team Secret
14 June09:00 PMOG vs Tundra Esports
15 June12:00 AMEntity vs Goonsquad
18 June12:00 AMOG vs Entity
19 June12:00 AMGaimin Gladiators vs Goonsquad
21 June09:00 PMTeam Secret vs Tundra Esports
22 June12:00 AMTeam Liquid vs Alliance
23 June09:00 PMOG vs Gaimin Gladiators
25 June09:00 PMTeam Secret vs Entity
28 June09:00 PMAlliance vs Goonsquad
29 June12:00 AMTeam Liquid vs Team Secret
29 June09:00 PMTundra Esports vs Entity
2 July09:00 PMOG vs Goonsquad
3 July12:00 AMAlliance vs Gaimin Gladiators
5 July09:00 PMAlliance vs OG
6 July12:00 AMTeam Secret vs Gaimin Gladiators
6 July09:00 PMTeam Liquid vs Entity
9 July09:00 PMTundra Esports vs Goonsquad
10 July 12:00 AMAlliance vs Entity
12 July09:00 PMTeam Secret vs Goonsquad
13 July12:00 AMTundra Esports vs Gaimin Gladiators
13 July09:00 PMTeam Liquid vs OG

Division I NA DPC Tour 3 Schedule

8 June03:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs Nouns
9 June03:00 AMFelt vs Wildcard Gaming
9 June06:00 AMQuincy Crew vs 5RATFORCESTAFF
12 June03:00 AMThe Cut vs TSM FTX
12 June06:00 AMfelt vs Nouns
16 June03:00 AMQuincy Crew vs TSM FTX
16 June06:00 AMThe Cut vs 5RATFORCESTAFF
19 June03:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs The Cut
22 June03:00 AMWildcard Gaming vs Nouns
23 June03:00 AMQuincy Crew vs felt
23 June06:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs TSM FTX
26 June03:00 AMQuincy Crew vs Wildcard Gaming
26 June06:00 AMThe Cut vs Nouns
27 June03:00 AMTSM FTX vs Nouns
29 June03:00 AMfelt vs 5RATFORCESTAFF
30 June03:00 AMQuincy Crew vs Nouns
30 June06:00 AMThe Cut vs Wildcard Gaming
3 July03:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs 5RATFORCESTAFF
3 July06:00 AMTSM FTX vs felt
6 July03:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs felt
7 July06:00 AMQuincy Crew vs The Cut
10 July03:00 AMWildcard Gaming vs 5RATFORCESTAFF
10 July06:00 AMThe Cut vs felt
13 July03:00 AM5RATFORCESTAFF vs Nouns
14 July03:00 AMTSM FTX vs Wildcard Gaming
14 July06:00 AMEvil Geniuses vs Quincy Crew

Division I SA DPC Tour 3 Schedule

10 June06:00 AMInfamous U.esports vs Thunder Awaken
11 June03:00 AMHokori vs SG Esports
13 June03:00 AMWolf Team vs Tempest
13 June06:00 AMThunder Awaken vs SG Esports
17 June06:00 AMInfamous U.Esports vs SG Esports
18 June03:00 AMTempest vs Infinity
18 June06:00 AMWolf Team vs beastcoast
20 June03:00 AMThunder Awaken vs Hokori
20 June06:00 AMTempest vs beastcoast
24 June06:00 AMWolf Team vs Infamous U.Esports
25 June03:00 AMInfinity vs SG Esports
25 June06:00 AMTempest vs Thunder Awaken
27 June03:00 AMTSM.FTX vs Nouns
27 June06:00 AMHokori vs beastcoast
1 July06:00 AMWolf Team vs Hokori
2 July03:00 AMTempest vs SG Esports
2 July06:00 AMInfamous U.Esports vs beastcoast
4 July03:00 AMInfinity vs Hokori
4 July06:00 AMWolf Team vs Thunder Awaken
8 July06:00 AMThunder Awaken vs Infinity
8 July09:00 AMWolf Team vs Hokori
9 July03:00 AMInfamous U.Esports vs Tempest
9 July06:00 AMbeastcoast vs SG Esports
11 July03:00 AMTempest vs Hokori
11 July06:00 AMWolf Team vs Infinity
15 July06:00 AMWolf Team vs SG Esports
16 July03:00 AMInfamous U.Esports vs Hokori
16 July06:00 AMThunder Awaken vs beastcoast

Division I SEA DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 803:00 PMPolaris vs Talon
June 806:00 PMBOOM vs SMG
June 906:00 PMFnatic vs NGX.SEA
June 1103:00 PMPolaris vs NGX.SEA
June 1106:00 PMT1 vs RSG
June 1503:00 PMNGX.SEA vs Talon
June 1506:00 PMSMG vs Polaris
June 1606:00 PMT1 vs NGX.SEA
June 1803:00 PMBoom vs Talon
June 1806:00 PMFnatic vs RSG
June 2203:00 PMPolaris vs RSG
June 2206:00 PMT1 vs SMG
June 2306:00 PMFnatic vs Talon
June 2503:00 PMSMG vs RSG
June 2506:00 PMBOOM vs NGX.SEA
June 2903:00 PMNGX.SEA vs RNG
June 2906:00 PMBOOM vs Polaris
June 3006:00 PMT1 vs Talon
July 203:00 PMBOOM vs RSG
July 206:00 PMFnatic vs SMG
July 603:00 PMSMG vs Talon
July 606:00 PMFnatic vs Polaris
July 706:00 PMBOOM vs T1
July 903:00 PMT1 vs Polaris
July 906:00 PMFnatic vs BOOM
July 1303:00 PMSMG vs NGX.SEA
July 1306:00 PMFnatic vs T1
July 1406:00 PMTalon vs RSG

Division I EEU DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 909:00 PMNAVI vs Pari Parni
June 1006:00 PMMind Games vs Rune Eaters
June 1009:00 PMOne Move vs Outsiders
June 1209:00 PMTeam Spirit vs Pari Parni
June 1312:00 AMNAVI vs BetBoom Team
June 1609:00 PMMind Games vs One Move
June 1706:00 PMPari Parni vs Outsiders
June 1709:00 PMNAVI vs Team Spirit
June 1909:00 PMOne Move vs Rune Eaters
June 1912:00 AMMind Games vs BetBoom Team
June 2309:00 PMBetBoom Team vs Rune Eaters
June 2406:00 PMMind Games vs Pari Parni
June 2409:00 PMNAVI vs Outsiders
June 2609:00 PMTeam Spirit vs Rune Eaters
June 2612:00 AMOne Move vs BetBoom Team
June 3009:00 PMPari Parni vs Rune Eaters
July 106:00 PMTeam Spirit vs One Move
July 109:00 PMNAVI vs Mind Games
July 309:00 PMRune Eaters vs Outsiders
July 312:00 AMPari Parni vs BetBoom Team
July 709:00 PMTeam Spirit vs Outsiders
July 806:00 PMOne Move vs Pari Parni
July 809:00 PMNAVI vs Rune Eaters
July 1009:00 PMTeam Spirit vs Mind Games
July 1112:00 AMBetBoom Team vs Outsiders
July 1409:00 PMTeam Spirit vs BetBoom Team
July 1506:00 PMNAVI vs One Move
July 1509:00 PMMind Games vs Outsiders

Division I CN DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 703:00 PMTeam Aster vs Aster.Aries
June 706:00 PMEHOME vs PSG.LGD
June 1003:00 PMRNG vs DEC
June 1203:00 PMPSG.LGD vs DEC
June 1206:00 PMVici Gaming vs Xtreme Gaming
June 1403:00 PMAster.Aries vs Xtreme Gaming
June 1406:00 PMVici Gaming vs Team Aster
June 1703:00 PMEHOME vs RNG
June 1903:00 PMRNG vs Aster.Aries
June 1906:00 PMPSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming
June 2103:00 PMTeam Aster vs DEC
June 2106:00 PMEHOME vs Xtreme Gaming
June 2403:00 PMPSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries
June 2603:00 PMVici Gaming vs RNG
June 2606:00 PMEHOME vs Team Aster
June 2803:00 PMEHOME vs Aster.Aries
June 2806:00 PMXtreme Gaming vs DEC
June 3003:00 PMVici Gaming vs DEC
July 303:00 PMTeam Aster vs RNG
July 306:00 PMPSG.LGD vs Xtreme Gaming
July 406:00 PMEHOME vs Aster.Aries
July 503:00 PMVici Gaming vs Aster.Aries
July 506:00 PMTeam Aster vs Xtreme Gaming
July 803:00 PMRNG vs Xtreme Gaming
July 1003:00 PMEHOME vs DEC
July 1006:00 PMPSG.LGD vs RNG
July 1203:00 PMAster.Aries vs DEC
July 1206:00 PMEHOME vs Vici Gaming
July 1503:00 PMPSG.LGD vs Team Aster

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