A complete schedule and list of upcoming matches for Division II Tour 3 DPC.

The 3rd and final DPC season of 2021/2022 is starting soon and a month-long competitive league lies ahead. Tour 3 DPC will see all regions participate including the EEU region which was indefinitely postponed in Tour 2.

How long is Tour 3 DPC?

The Tour 3 DPC begins from June 7 until July 18, making it 41 days of the Regional Leagues.

What is the prize pool of Tour 3 DPC?

Tour 3 DPC rewards the same number of prize money from previous seasons. Division II teams earn lesser than the Division I teams.

PlaceDivision IDivision II
1st$30,000 $17,000
2nd$28,000 $16,000
3rd$27,000 $15,000
4th$26,000 $14,000

There are no DPC points for Division II teams.

All upcoming matches of Division II Tour 3 DPC

Here are all the dates for each region’s Division II Tour 3 DPC. Note that some final matches of the DPC still do not have a given date and that will be released further into the league.

*All dates and times are according to SGT.

WEU Division II DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 612:00 AMBrame vs EU Rejects
June 706:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs IVY
June 812:00 AMCHILLAX vs 11Monkeyz
June 803:00 AMTeam Bald Reborn vs Into The Breach
June 1106:00 PMTeam Bald Reborn vs EU Rejects
June 1312:00 AMBrame vs Into The Breach
June 1406:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs CHILLAX
June 1512:00 AMIVY vs 11Monkeyz
June 1503:00 AMInto The Breach vs EU Rejects
June 1806:00 PMBrame vs IVY
June 2011:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs 11Monkeyz
June 2105:00 PMTeam Bald Reborn vs CHILLAX
June 2211:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs Brame
June 2202:00 AMIVY vs EU Rejects
June 2505:00 PMInto The Breach vs CHILLAX
June 2711:00 PMTeam Bald Reborn vs 11Monkeyz
June 2805:00 PMCHILLAX vs EU Rejects
June 2911:00 PMIVY vs Into The Breach
June 2902:00 AMBrame vs 11Monkeyz
July 205:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs Team Bald Reborn
July 411:00 PMInto The Breach vs 11Monkeyz
July 505:00 PMBrame vs Team Bald Reborn
July 611:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs EU Rejects
July 602:00 AMIVY vs CHILLAX
July 905:00 PMIVY vs Team Bald Reborn
July 1111:00 PM11Monkeyz vs EU Rejects
July 1205:00 PMBrame vs CHILLAX
July 1311:00 PMNigma Galaxy vs Into The Breach

NA DPC Division II Tour 3 Schedule

June 603:00 AMsimply TOOBASED vs KBU.US
June 706:00 AMEternity vs Team DogChamp
June 1103:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs 5ManMidas
June 1203:00 AMHappy Seals vs ALPHA
June 1206:00 AM5ManMidas vs KBU.US
June 1303:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs simply TOOBASED
June 1406:00 AMTeam DogChamp vs Happy Seals
June 1703:00 AMEternity vs ALPHA
June 1903:00 AMEternity vs simply TOOBASED
June 1906:00 AMTeam DogChamp vs ALPHA
June 2003:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs KBU.US
June 2106:00 AM5ManMidas vs Happy Seals
June 2403:00 AMEternity vs KBU.US
June 2603:00 AMsimply TOOBASED vs Team DogChamp
June 2606:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs Happy Seals
June 2703:00 AM5ManMidas vs ALPHA
June 2806:00 AMKBU.US vs Happy Seals
July 103:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs Eternity
July 303:00 AMsimply TOOBASED vs ALPHA
July 306:00 AM5ManMidas vs Team DogChamp
July 403:00 AMEternity vs Happy Seals
July 506:00 AM5ManMidas vs simply TOOBASED
July 803:00 AMTeam DogChamp vs KBU.US
July 1003:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs ALPHA
July 1006:00 AM5ManMidas vs Eternity
July 1103:00 AMsimply TOOBASED vs Happy Seals
July 1206:00 AMKBU.US vs ALPHA
July 1503:00 AMArkosh Gaming vs Team DogChamp

SA DPC Division II Tour 3 Schedule

June 606:00 AMGorillaz-Pride vs Mad Kings
June 912:00 AMRavens vs South Team
June 903:00 AMBalrogs vs Coritiba Esports
June 1112:00 AMGorillaz-Pride vs Ravens
June 1212:00 AMNoPing e-sports vs Dreamers Esports
June 1306:00 AMCoritiba Esports vs Mad Kings
June 1612:00 AMNoPing e-sports vs South Team
June 1603:00 AMBalrogs vs Dreamers Esports
June 1812:00 AMGorillaz-Pride vs Coritiba Esports
June 1912:00 AMBalrogs vs Ravens
June 2006:00 AMGorillaz-Pride vs South Team
June 2312:00 AMDreamers Esports vs Ravens
June 2303:00 AMBalrogs vs NoPing e-sports
June 2512:00 AMDreamers Esports vs Mad Kings
June 2612:00 AMNoPing e-sports vs Coritiba Esports
June 2906:00 AMBalrogs vs Gorillaz-Pride
June 3012:00 AMDreamers Esports vs South Team
June 3003:00 AMNoPing e-sports vs Mad Kings
July 212:00 AMCoritiba Esports vs Ravens
July 312:00 AMSouth Team vs Mad Kings

SEA Division II DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 606:00 PMTNC Predator vs Summit Gaming
June 812:00 PMArmy Geniuses vs Neon Esports
June 912:00 PMExecration vs Atlantis
June 903:00 PMLilgun vs MIPH
June 1112:00 PMTNC Predator vs Army Geniuses
June 1306:00 PMSummit Gaming vs MIPH
June 1512:00 PMNeon Esports vs Atlantis
June 1612:00 PMTNC Predator vs Execration
June 1603:00 PMLilgun vs Summit Gaming
June 1812:00 PMArmy Geniuses vs MIPH
June 2006:00 PMLilgun vs Atlantis
June 2212:00 PMExecration vs Summit Gaming
June 2312:00 PMNeon Esports vs MIPH
June 2303:00 PMArmy Geniuses vs Atlantis
June 2512:00 PMTNC Predator vs Lilgun
June 2706:00 PMAtlantis vs MIPH
June 2912:00 PMTNC Predator vs Neon Esports
June 3012:00 PMExecration vs MIPH
June 3003:00 PMArmy Geniuses vs Summit Gaming
July 212:00 PMLilgun vs Neon Esports

EEU Division II DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 609:40 PMTeam Empire vs X3
June 906:00 PMNemiga Gaming vs HYDRA
June 912:00 AMPuckChamp vs cybercats
June 1012:00 AMHellRaisers vs No Sorry
June 1206:00 PMPuckChamp vs X3
June 1309:00 PMTeam Empire vs Nemiga Gaming
June 1606:00 PMcybercats vs No Sorry
June 1612:00 AMTeam Empire vs HYDRA
June 1712:00 AMHellRaisers vs X3
June 1906:00 PMNemiga Gaming vs PuckChamp
June 2009:00 PMHYDRA vs No Sorry
June 2306:00 PMPuckChamp vs No Sorry
June 2312:00 AMTeam Empire vs HellRaisers
June 2412:00 AMNemiga Gaming vs cybercats
June 2606:00 PMX3 vs HYDRA
June 2709:00 PMNemiga Gaming vs HellRaisers
June 3006:00 PMNemiga Gaming vs No Sorry
June 3012:00 AMcybercats vs HYDRA
July 112:00 AMTeam Empire vs PuckChamp
July 306:00 PMX3 vs cybercats

CN Division II DPC Tour 3 Schedule

June 612:00 PMLBZS vs Team Fusion
June 603:00 PMCDEC vs Team Magma
June 712:00 PMInvictus Gaming vs YBB Gaming
June 1012:00 PMShenzhen vs Team Saiyan
June 1212:00 PMInvictus Gaming vs Team Saiyan
June 1312:00 PMCDEC vs LBZS
June 1303:00 PMShenzhen vs YBB Gaming
June 1412:00 PMTeam Magma vs Team Fusion
June 1712:00 PMLBZS vs YBB Gaming
June 1912:00 PMTeam Saiyan vs Team Magma
June 2012:00 PMCDEC vs Shenzhen
June 2003:00 PMInvictus Gaming vs Team Fusion
June 2112:00 PMTeam Saiyan vs LBZS
June 2412:00 PMInvictus Gaming vs CDEC
June 2612:00 PMTeam Magma vs YBB Gaming
June 2712:00 PMShenzhen vs Team Fusion
June 2703:00 PMInvictus Gaming vs LBZS
June 2812:00 PMCDEC vs Team Saiyan
July 112:00 PMShenzhen vs Team Magma
July 312:00 PMYBB Gaming vs Team Fusion

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