Twitter, Twitch and Tiktok content creator Cau7ion has been sponsored by Razer! Join us as we introduce you to Razer’s newest content creator.

Cau7ioN: "Having Razer as my first sponsor, it feels surreal"

Long time Apex content creator Cau7ion has been unveiled as the last creator to join the Razer Family. "Having Razer as my first sponsor it feels surreal," said Cau7ioN in the official announcement video. "I didn't want to just take on any sponsor, it has to be authentic."

A small introduction

Cau7ioN is an Apex content creator who spans over Twitch, Instagram and Tiktok. The partnered Twitch streamer got his big break in early 2019 and has been steadily growing since.

The streamer's community has grown on all platforms with 100k and 31k followers on Tiktok and Twitch respectfully. Tuning into his streams are an absolute delight, as he always has fun in the game and with chat.

With his consistent and growing Twitch community, you can find Cau7ioN streaming most days of the week over on his Twitch channel. You'll typically see him grappling around the Outlands on Pathfinder, going for crazy trick shots or even crazier outplays.

In addition to posting his crazy clips on his platforms, Cau7ion also provides some exemplary advanced Pathfinder grapple techniques. Although they aren't guides themselves, watching the advanced use of Pathfinder's abilities just makes you wanna drop everything and queue up for some Apex.

Razer has recently begun expanding to sponsoring individual content creators, providing them with the top of the line gaming gear, merch and the honour of joining the illustrious Razer family. Cau7ion joins the likes of XTRA Gaming as well as Faker as recent additions to the Razer family. With his effortless Pathfinder plays, we are sure that Razer's newest addition will make the Razer family proud.

Congratulations again to Cau7ion on this momentous achievement! You can see the full list of esports creators, players and teams that Razer sponsor over on their official website.