The Razer Wellness Program provides gamers with tools to work on their health: mental and physical. Small changes to your lifestyle can have a long-lasting impact on your performance in-game as well as improving your health in the long run.

Sitting for hours in front of your computer playing games might bring you joy, but it’s not really the best for your health. Gaming can be a physically and mentally stressful hobby. Razer, the World’s leading lifestyle brand for Gamers has a wellness program that helps gamers stay at their best. 

What is the Razer Wellness Program?

Razer is a household name in esports, its peripherals are extremely popular amongst gamers. The company also partners with streamers and influencers helping them further their careers.

The Razer Wellness Program provides gamers with resources to fix physical pains as well as deal with mental fatigue. Wrist injuries, eye fatigue and backaches are some of the common physical problems associated with gamers. 

What is Gaming Fatigue and How to Fix it?

Gaming Fatigue is essentially burnout. Exhaustion is one of the most common effects of gaming fatigue. Playing video games for long hours every day can lead to burnout and will impact your performance. In order to climb that matchmaking ladder, sometimes, it’s better to work on your fatigue. 

Take a break! Crystal Mills from Ritual Motion, one of Razer’s partners, writes it is important to maintain a balance. It’s not just taking a break every thirty minutes, sometimes it’s important to take a break from gaming altogether.

True burnout usually means losing focus/enjoyment playing the game. It helps to have other games in a different genre that you enjoy or even better: a non-gaming hobby to reset your mental."

Orthopedic Physical Therapist Dr. Jordan Tsai.

Drink Water

Drinking water helps keep you hydrated. It is also an excellent way to take a break from gaming and stretch. You should aim to drink at least 4-6 cups of water per day. 

Sleep... Sleep some more

Adequate sleep is essential for improving your gaming performance.
Adequate sleep is essential for improving your gaming performance.

Playing games late into the night is very common amongst gamers. Gamer hours might sound cool, but the lack of sleep will affect your health. The Razer Wellness Program suggests a few steps to ensure you will get your quota of sleep. 

  • Don't eat too late at night and make conscious snacking choices.
  • Wear blue light glasses while playing, and turn off your screens long before bed.
  • Skip the caffeine late in the day.
  • Go to bed earlier and on a set schedule.
  • Meditate after gaming.
  • Try natural supplements.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of maintaining good health and staying fit. Ritual Motion’s “Win Well Gamer’s Health Survey” found nearly 65% of all gamers faced trouble sleeping. 

Getting a good night’s sleep will improve your health and in turn also improve your gaming performance. If you want to improve your rank or get higher MMR, its time to get some sleep.

How to Deal with Eye strain?

Eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome is a collection of effects and symptoms caused by excessive computer use. The most common symptoms are tired eyes, blurred vision, double vision, eye irritation, or a burning sensation in the eyes.

The monitor or screen should be at least 18-30 inches away from you. Image Credit: Razer.
The monitor or screen should be at least 18-30 inches away from you. Image Credit: Razer.

The Razer Wellness Program provides several ways to deal with eye strain including:

  • Blink - remember to blink as it helps prevent your eyes from becoming dry. 
  • If your eyes are excessively dry, buy over-the-counter eye drops for extra relief.
  • Ensure your gaming room is well-lit. The brightness of the light in the room should be slightly dimmer than the brightness of your monitor.
  • Your monitor or screen should be seated about 18-30 inches away from you and tilted slightly up, according to CNN.
  • Avoid Blue light just before bed. Invest in blue-light blocking glasses.

How to stop Tilting in Games?

Losing games and dealing with other players in a multiplayer environment can be frustrating. Players often tend to tilt and remove their frustration on their teammates or worse, in real life on people around them. Emily Morrow writes about Tilting in video games, what causes them and how to stop tilting. Some of the steps she suggests to stop tiling in video games are as follows:

  • Take a break and clear your head. 
  • Avoid playing extremely late at night or very early in the morning.
  • Avoid eating lots of junk food. 

Finally, gamers who are playing video games to avoid dealing with other frustrations in their lives should also consider talking to a therapist or taking help from others. There are many gamers who tend to avoid real-life issues and play video games. But avoiding dealing with issues will only make things worse and its recommended to talk to a professional.

Gamers can opt to talk to an expert from Ritual Motion or Respawn Therapy for more in-depth evaluations and advice as part of the Wellness Program.

The Razer Wellness Program is an excellent resource for gamers wanting to improve their physical and mental health. Adopting the right habits can go a long way in ensuring optimal performance and lower stress levels.

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