What are the best ways of using three new XDefiant weapons and how to unlock these guns?

XDefiant got interesting fresh content with its Season 1. The players have a new mode, maps, a faction, and weapons. Alongside extra excitement, Season 1 adds new challenges — like gaining XP for unlocking Battle Pass tiers and learning how to play with new guns. Taking a look at the weapons’ details may help you master them and get the most out of them in XDefiant Season 1.

New XDefiant weapons

Three guns were added to the game in Season 1. XDefiant players can now try out the following:

  • LVOA-C, and assault rifle
  • L115, a sniper rifle
  • Sawed-off, a shotgun

It’s interesting to explore each of these new XDefiant weapons individually: their specs, the best use in the game, and how to unlock them.

LVOA-C assault rifle in XDefiant

The general stats of this assault rifle are not really impressive. LVOA-C is pretty similar to the default M4A1. When you take it to the XDefiant matches for the first time, the performance is rather mediocre. But the situation changes drastically when you reach level 7 with LVOA-C and create decent loadouts for the weapon. It’s the moment when accuracy is improved enough to make the fast-shooting advantage of LVOA-C worth using in the game.

LVOA-C assault rifle stats (image via esports.gg)
LVOA-C assault rifle stats (image via esports.gg)

The best modes for LVOA-C: Like the other assault rifles in XDefiant, LVOA-C is a universal choice. It can be used for any game mode with the same effectiveness. This weapon strongly affects your behavior in matches—you also become a universal soldier, able to be in defense and participate in attacking actions. Try to use the rifle in mid-range combat to compensate for low accuracy at the beginning of its development.

The best factions for LVOA-C: All XDefiant factions are good for LVOA-C, but you can’t expect them to emphasize their unique features with this weapon. Phantoms benefit a lot from assault rifles thanks to their generally universal nature. Libertad can focus on their support role, and LVOA-C is a good weapon for them. Echelon are great with assault rifles, but they could do better as snipers with their Intel Suit ability or close-range warriors with Digital Ghillie Suit.

How to unlock LVOA-C 

Reach tier 20 of XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass, and you will get the assault rifle LVOA-C for free.

LVOA-C in XDefiant Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)
LVOA-C in XDefiant Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)

L115 sniper rifle in XDefiant

Compared to other sniper rifles in XDefiant, L115 has increased fire power and deals great damage even in its default state. The downside here is the reduced mobility, which makes L115 better suitable for stationary snipers: both in defense and cautious offense.

An essential thing for choosing the sniper rifle L115 as your XDefiant weapon is to know the game maps very well. You need to occupy spots to shoot reckless opponents from relative safety. And you need to have a good view, not just stare into emptiness while the main action is a few blocks away.

L115 sniper rifle stats (image via esports.gg)
L115 sniper rifle stats (image via esports.gg)

The best modes for L115: Use the sniper rifle L115 in the XDefiant modes where you don’t need to change your positioning now and again. Zone Control is good for this, as you can find your spot with a nice view at the capture zone. Capture the Flag is great for L115, as players may use the sniper rifle in defense and also in offense. Domination is also a good choice even with the necessity to move around three capture zones — they still do not reposition themselves throughout a match.

The best factions for L115: This XDefiant weapon is effective for DedSec characters who need the cautious approach anyway to disable the devices with their Hijack ability. The Spiderbot ability gives DedSec players extra time to shoot opponents at a close range. Echelon will find a good use for L115 in combination with their revealing ability. The GSK faction will benefit from using L115 during their defensive actions.

How to unlock L115

It's another free weapon in XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass. You need to reach tier 50 to unlock L115.

L115 in XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)
L115 in XDefiant Season 1 Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)

Sawed-off shotgun in XDefiant

This is arguably the best new weapon in XDefiant Season 1. Sawed-off has the main advantage of other shotguns, which is the deadly power at a close range. But it’s a secondary weapon, and you can take it with assault or sniper rifles, SMGs, or Marksman guns — instead of pistols. No other shotgun can compete with this.

Sawed-off shotgun stats (image via esports.gg)
Sawed-off shotgun stats (image via esports.gg)

The best modes for Sawed-off: A secondary XDefiant, Sawed-off comes to the scene in a variety of situations. It’s great to take out when your assault rifle or SMG is suddenly out of ammo, and you need to finish an opponent. The shotgun helps snipers when they face an opponent at a close range. All XDefiant game modes have such moments, so selecting this gun depends mainly on your personal playing style. Having a pistol as a secondary weapon is better for mid-range actions, for example, when the first sniper shot requires extra assistance.

The best factions for Sawed-off: It’s generally a good weapon for defense and very aggressive offense. GSK players may find it useful while securing their home base. Cleaners often battle face-to-face with their opponents, and Sawed-off is perfect for this. Echelon may decide to use their invisibility feature and deliver kills at a close distance with this shotgun. It is preferable to take a pistol if you enjoy universal actions with Phantoms, Libertad, and other XDefiant factions.

How to unlock Sawed-off

Some dedication is needed to get the shotgun Sawed-off from XDefiant Battle Pass. The weapon is a free reward at tier 80.

Sawed-off in XDefiant Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)
Sawed-off in XDefiant Battle Pass (image via esports.gg)

The developers promise new modes, weapons, and maps in future seasons. Stick around on esports.gg for XDefiant news and updates.