You’ve learnt which heroes to avoid, now check out which heroes you MUST pick in Aghanim’s Labyrinth to win.

Introducing the BEST heroes in Aghanim's Labyrinth, the crème de la crème according to SirActionSlacks. He has also crowned his top 3 heroes, and the results may surprise you. Check out's Aghanim's Lab Guide Hub here.

"All heroes are good, they can all beat it. But, as difficulty increases, variance decreases. And it's just a fact that some heroes just have more useful skills than others"


ActionSlacks’ Hero ranking system!

Supreme Tier

Void spirit

Void Spirit is the dream hero of doing magical damage without having to stand still. Maxing Dissimilate will allow you to be off the map for pretty much the full duration, meaning that nothing can hurt you as you zip in and out doing damage to enemies. But Void’s big strength is that he can deal a ton of damage without ever really being targetable. This is great for you, but not amazing for your teammates.

He's fine at clearing mobs, does nice damage to bosses, but if you're a Void player prepare to clutch alone for a long time in Apex Mage. He consistently does well, he doesn't need a certain Shard to become broken, which makes him a very very popular pick at higher difficulties. You will never waste your time with a Void on the team. I suggest maxing his Dissimilate options, and investing in his Ultimate. Let the shards guide you there are really no bad options

Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain is incredible at kiting
Queen of Pain is incredible at kiting

Queen of Pain shares many similarities to Void Spirit in terms of mobility. But QoP is better because of raw damage output and the ability to draw fire for the team while still being pretty much invincible. And she was even more broken until some recent nerfs. She is a magic damage mobility machine that heals herself and can clear mob rooms better than any other hero.

"Your team mates will actually like you, because you're able to be a pseudo-tank"


Her weaknesses are very few and far, but she can get really screwed by some of the Apex enemy modifiers like root on kill. You can build against that, but it takes time. Unlike Void Spirit, the amount of magic damage you deal is insane, and your teammates will actually like you because mobs are following you while you deal it. Focus on Scream and Blink abilities, and anything that gives you AoE, or health on spell use

Templar Assassin

Pictured: TA soloing the Elder Tremor Boss. Notice how she has full lives and everyone else is dead or dying
Pictured: TA soloing the Elder Tremor Boss. Notice how she has full lives and everyone else is dead or dying

Templar Assassin is the only right-clicker that deserves to be in the Supreme tier. Due to her shield reducing a massive amount of damage she can tank while other right-clickers cant. It’s not as good as repel which completely ignores the damage, but it is an amazing ability to allow her to actually deal damage. Not only that, she has a ton of great utility for mob rooms, as she naturally deals AoE right-clicks Overall, she is without a doubt your first choice for right-clicking in this mode as she has it all.

The Top Three


Sir Action Slack’s personal favorite, Jugg can be extremely squishy and struggles in the early game, but when it comes to dealing damage and survival, he is the best in the mode. Your goal is simple: Max Blade Fury. An item like Blade Fury not only does massive damage, it also makes you magic immune, which is how most big damage attacks work for bosses.

“Since this is my favorite hero, I'll tell you exactly what to do. Max Blade Fury, grab all Blade Fury bonuses, and invest in speed and spell lifesteal. Do it right and you will always be spinning and dealing massive damage. He's fun, he's hard to master and he can solo the entire mode himself.”



Phoenix has the most broken ability in the mode: Fire Spirit turrets. These things do not aggro mobs and deal massive damage. They can also be upgraded over and over again. They're broken from room one to the last boss.

Phoenix is incredible offensively and in a support role
Phoenix is incredible offensively and in a support role

Cheese and damage aside, Phoenix also has great mobility options, and is able to heal your team, yourself, and has an extra life that deals damage. Literally every aspect of this hero is perfect for this season's game. Heals, massive magic damage, mobility, support, cheese, Phoenix literally does it all. Every single team should have a Phoenix in it because again, it is the perfect hero for the mode.

“Legit. If you don't know what to play, learn Phoenix. “


Undying "The KING of Aghanim’s Labyrinth"

Undying as a tank is pretty crap in Apex Mage. He's amazing up to Sorcerer difficulty and you can play him as such maxing Decay and getting to be a big beefy frontline boy. But in Grand Magus and Apex Mage, he shines as a crowd control and a damage dealer.

Undying of the most broken shards in the game: the Gloating Totem and the Bury The Living. Getting the Totem with reduced Soul Rip time means that literally almost every mob in the game will be AoE taunted with 100% uptime. This doesn’t work on bosses but it is surprising how many things this works on. Not to mention it also heals allies. Short and sweet, the Totem is pretty much a guarantee you will clear every room until the boss without losing any lives which is a massive game changer.

Undying is broken from first room to last
Undying is broken from first room to last

And that’s just his bad skill. The Tombstone does similar things to the Totem but zombies also deal damage from it. There are several zombie upgrades you can get, and several zombie shards you can get, making Tombstone amazing at dealing damage while also taking aggro. The longer tombstones last and the shorter the cooldown, the more aggro you take and damage you deal. No other hero takes aggro and deals damage like Undying.

“It is hilarious and will probably be fixed when this Guide comes out, so get it while it's hot.”


He is literally the only hero that can solo the final boss with zero ways to lose. By maxing tombstone cooldowns and by getting Bury The Living after all of your allies die, you can hide in your Tombstone and pop out to put another down, and sit for an hour and a half while your zombies tick away the boss.

Full Tier List

  • Top 3 - Undying, Phoenix, Juggernaut
  • Supreme - Templar Assassin, Queen of Pain, Void Spirit
  • Dream Team - Weaver, Clinkz, Viper, Tusk, Gyrocopter
  • In-Betweens - Sand King, Crystal Maiden, Omniknight, Winter Wyvern, Sniper, Ursa, Lich, Disrupter, Kunkka, Snapfire
  • Memes - Lina, Luna, Slark, Dawnbreaker, Magus, Mars, Visage, Witch Doctor

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