Confused about which items are best in Aghanim’s Lab? Check out our detailed guide on which items to buy and the why.

Choosing the right items in Aghanim's Labyrinth can ensure you can defeat the Apex Mage. Are you confused which items to buy? Check out's Detailed Aghanim's Labyrinth Guide for the best tips and tricks.


What Boots do I buy?

Choose your Boots wisely:

  • Arcane Boots - The King of the Boots. A great team item early, and it can be constantly disassembled to create other items making it top tier.
  • Phase Boots - On glass cannon carries such as Drow Ranger, Phase Boots is a good choice. It will allow you to pass through tiny mobs and gain armour and speed.
  • Tranquil Boots - A solid choice on Juggernaut or squishy spellcasters. If you plan on clutching rooms, tranquil boots are a godsend and will allow you to patiently circle the room.
  • Boots of Travel - Do not waste your money on these as there are many ways to increase your speed, and many late game neutral items can override your boots. If you can afford Boots of Travel, you can instead afford a Blink Dagger, which has much more utility.
Itemization is crucial
Itemization is crucial

Octarine Core

This item is god tier as spells rule supreme in Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum. There are ways to reduce cooldown with Shards, but this is the only way to reduce all your abilities, making it invaluable. On top of that, the additional spell range means you will put yourself in danger far less. If you're on a spellcaster, you should be building Octarine Core.

Eul's Sceptre

Just as with the original Aghanim's Labyrinth, Eul's Sceptre is an exceptional item, and arguably one of the best. It grants movement speed, mana, and more importantly a get of the jail-free card. Most big spells are heavily telegraphed and on a specific AOE, which mean your Eul's will dodge the majority of them. You can upgrade it to Windwaker if you're filthy rich but it's pricey.

Blink Dagger

Honorable mention as always for Blink Dagger. In this version Aghanim's Labyrinth when small mobs hit you, your Blink Dagger will not go off cooldown. However, it's a little bit wonky as some captains and small mobs do tick it.

This game mode is all about positioning and speed, making an item that can instantly change your position VERY useful. It also helps in cheesing certain rooms by blinking to the high ground AND can even skip entire trap rooms if you get it off before becoming a sheep.

Vault Bloodstone

The Vault Bloodstone: The Vault Bloodstone is the same as the typical Bloodstone except it gains charges per room. This works retroactively, so if you bought it before the final boss you will get charges for every room you completed.

A fantastic spell lifesteal item or a panic emergency item. The Vault Bloodstone is a must-have for most spellcasters that plan to tank damage. Highly recommended in the off-chance you get caught out and get smacked.

Don't save potions! For example, Dragon Form potions can be helpful to reach the Final Boss
Don't save potions! For example, Dragon Form potions can be helpful to reach the Final Boss


Use potions and bottle charges whenever you need to in order to live. I know you think they're precious but potions should ALL be used before the final boss. Arcane and Dragon form can help but honestly, it's not a big deal by that point.

"If using a potion will prevent you from dying, using it in the moment. 1,000 gold for a heart is NOT worth the potion. Tag it and bag it every time," said SirActionSlacks. "The amount of unused potions I see in the pre-boss room on my 0 heart allies break my IRL heart, get rid of that SHIT and USE IT!

"The amount of unused potions I see in the pre-boss room on my 0 heart allies breaks my IRL heart, get rid of that SHIT and USE IT!"


What to buy when in doubt

If you are in doubt always go for items that grant speed. Buy windlace if you don't already have one, then buy another after you turn the first one into a Eul's Sceptre. Movement and repositioning is key!

Windlace is a great cheap item to get
Windlace is a great cheap item to get

In Aghanim's Labyrinth: CC the majority of monsters have MASSIVE armor, so if you're a right clicker then Desolator or Solar Crest will get exponentially better compared to raw right-click. Do not bother with Satanic as it heals based damage dealt and does not take into account the armor. So skip Satanic unless you are Snapfire, Gyrocopter or Dawn Breaker.

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