Here is a full guide for all Aghanim’s Labyrinth Bosses!

Here is the full guide covering ALL Aghanim's Labyrinths Bosses from Stage 1 to Stage 2, in association with SirActionSlacks! If you want a video version of this detailed Labyrinth guide, check out the timestamped guide here!

You might encounter one of these FOUR bosses on Stage 1:

  • Rizzrick - Timbersaw
  • Corrupted Fae - Dark Willow
  • Elder Tremor - Earthshaker
  • Kasaj Whitewing - Winter Wyvern

You might encounter one of these FOUR bosses on Stage 2:

  • Storegga - Tiny
  • Wraith Warden - Arc Warden
  • Tinkwerk - Tinker
  • The Giant Amoeboid - The Blob

In this guide, we will break down each and every boss (excluding the Primal Beast) and tell you what they do, what you should watch out for, and what to prioritize when facing the boss.

Let's get started!



Timbersaw channeling an AoE attack - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Timbersaw channeling an AoE attack - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

The Timbersaw is one of the easiest bosses to play against. His moves are simple and predictable:

Chain from tree to tree and anyone caught in his path will be stunned.

Throw Chakrams, one at a time to one direction.

Sometimes, he throws a LOT of Chakrams into multiple directions.

Has an AoE spell in a small circle around him.

Spawns mobs.

Clear the mobs and dodge his spells. At this early stage, you probably still have Echoslam and Ravage potions which makes it easier.

You can interrupt his AoE spell by stunning or silencing him, and it forces him to start channeling again. This is a window to deal a lot of hits especially if your team can repetitively stun the Timbersaw.

Timbersaw might focus on one person - double chakram them, chain them, ult them, but this is a good thing. While he’s committed to one person, the rest of the team can get free hits and deal massive damage to the boss.

Yes, sometimes this guy will focus one person on your team insanely, but honestly 1 poor bastard dying while you pummel him aint that bad.


Dark Willow - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Dark Willow - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

Dark Willow can get pretty tough, especially with a bad lineup. There are very few openings for your team to nuke the Willow but then again, she is the only boss that gets easier as her health drops. To overcome this stage, you need to recognize her attack pattern:

First, she goes into the Shadow Realm, invulnerable to attacks and mobs will spawn. When she exits the Shadow Realm, she will throw one painful hit to a target.

Second, she applies Cursed Crown on herself and chases your team. The Cursed Crown will hit a certain timer and deal an AoE stun around Willow.

Third, she uses the Terrorize spell to send your team running back, and likely into the deadly Bramble Maze.

As soon as she drops to half hp, she will use a large AoE spell that rotates around the room.

Dark Willow's huge AoE skill that rotates around the room - avoid these by going to the edge of the room
Dark Willow's huge AoE skill that rotates around the room - avoid these by going to the edge of the room

To counter these, when she gets into the Shadow Realm mode, prepare to dodge the painful hit that comes after. When she chases one target to apply the AoE stun, it is a good kiting opportunity for your team to free-hit the Willow. For Terrorrize, just get out from the massive indicator to safety, or if you feel like you can’t dodge it, face away from the Willow and to a direction that doesn’t contain the Bramble Maze. Her large AoE spell can easily be dodged if everyone goes to the edge of the room - she can’t reach you there.

Again, with the wrong lineup Willow is tough, but since she punishes you for not having the optimal line up in the mode, I don't really feel that bad for you. You're gonna struggle anyway.


Earthshaker - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Earthshaker - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

This Earthshaker boss functions the same as the normal Earthshaker, but just 10x in size. He pounds the ground to give an AoE stun, he throws Fissures around, and he jumps on top of targets and deals painful AoE damage.

In this room, you team needs to maintain a gap between each other because the Earthshaker will jump on an ally, and the stun/damage will affect everyone in the same area. When he aims for you, just move in a straight line to dodge.

Unlike the Willow boss, the fight against Earthshaker gets harder the longer you take to kill him. Everytime he uses his totem attack, the AoE increases - so kill him FAST before it gets impossible.

This boss also likes to focus on one hero, which means you can’t solo him unless you have fantastic mobility. But it also means there are plenty of openings to hit him and burst him down as fast as you can.

Not much to say. He gives you openings. Take them or die.


Winter Wyvern - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Winter Wyvern - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

The Wyvern is hands-down the most difficult boss (yes, even more than the Primal Beast) because it has a broken spell. Just like other bosses, before we rush into the stage, we need to know her attack pattern.

Firstly, she flies over the map to land multiple AoE bombs on indicated areas. 

Winter Wyvern carpet-bombing in one direction - dodge the indicators
Winter Wyvern carpet-bombing in one direction - dodge the indicators

Then she lands on any nest around the map to then shoot heavy AoE nukes at you, spawn mobs, and repeat this whole pattern until she reaches a certain hp.

These spells are quite simple to dodge and it’s also important to clear the mobs so your team won’t get overwhelmed.

But what makes her so tough, is when she spawns slowing, damaging Ice Vortexes that legit can’t be countered. These Ice Vortexes spawn under your hero and you can only counter this if your hero has some dodging mechanic or if you have a BKB. However, this boss comes at an early stage, so an expensive item like BKB is definitely out of the question. And not all heroes can have ‘dodging mechanics’ so if you’re not one of them, then better luck next time. 

The Wyvern doesn’t really have obvious weaknesses, she does massive damage both early and late game. If you get close, she kills you, if you’re the last man standing, you’re dead. So stock up your lives and approach the room with caution.

I don't know what is wrong with this boss, and I have no strategy. Hit her when she lands and pray to god you didn't have any neutral item rooms, so you have the gold or hearts to survive this shit.



Tiny - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Tiny - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

Storegga or Tiny is exactly like he is in the game - very slow. So the key to this room is speed and just outrunning him to deal maximum damage to the boss. If you feel like your speed is lacking to overcome this stage, then you’re in serious trouble for the next stages. So stock up on the Wind Laces and movement speed buffs!

Stand right behind him on his booty and click him between the legs.

Tiny’s attacks are readable and simple to dodge. When he picks up a rock, be prepared to avoid it. Many people have been careless to not dodge the rocks and lose lives unnecessarily. He will also pound the ground and send avalanches towards multiple directions in the room, so stand on the edge of the room to avoid the rocks. Also, it is important to clear the small mobs so they don’t accumulate.

Tiny pounds the ground and releases avalanches - go to the edge of the room to see where the rocks are coming from and dodge
Tiny pounds the ground and releases avalanches - go to the edge of the room to see where the rocks are coming from and dodge

Final note, screaming storegga during the fight tends to keep my teams focused and aware of the goal. Keep periodically screaming STOREEGAAAAAA.


Arc Warden - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Arc Warden - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

This hero is pretty simple but it relies a lot on communication among your team. Arc Warden will spawn a little wraith bird that targets one of the team. It will link itself to one of the heroes and this mutes them throughout the duration. 

When the bird gets to you, you will receive massive, deadly damage but you’ll need a bunch of right-clicks to kill the bird. So informing your team when a bird is chasing you is very crucial.

A little birdie spawns and links itself to one hero - tell your allies and let them hit the birdie before it contacts your hero
A little birdie spawns and links itself to one hero - tell your allies and let them hit the birdie before it contacts your hero

The boss will spawn a clone Arc Warden and this clone is PRIORITY. Make sure to kill that clone first or it will be miserable for your team. And be careful when he disperses his bubble around him because it will launches a Light Strike Array that can kill.

Then the Arc Warden will spawn spark wraiths around the map and if you stand on it, you will receive painful damage. To dodge this, either step out to the edge of the map, or go to the center, right in front of the Arc Warden, as the wraiths don’t spawn there. Up close, Arc Warden deals no damage, which makes him so much easier than others. 


Tinker - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
Tinker - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

Tinker is the boss with way too many annoying attacks. First, he has a march that spawns mobs when you get hit. Then he lasers your team, he teleports around the room, and everytime he does so, he launches a bunch of AoE misses. And the most powerful spell is the hex spell raining down on your team. Tinker will channel AoE attacks that will drop on your team and hex whoever gets hit. 

Indicators that mark where heroes will be hexed - dodge and right-click wisely
Indicators that mark where heroes will be hexed - dodge and right-click wisely

This boss needs at least 400 movement speed to quickly move around the room or it will be extremely hard. Tinkwerk’s stage is also notorious to have some indicators not showing up, and on top of that, if you have a Gyrocopter in your team, the bonus Call Downs look the same as the indicators so it will be very confusing. 

Tinker is notorious for stealing hearts on even the most talented stacks, because he does something no other boss does: prey on good players.

This room is smart, and it punishes you for being smart, because it aims at where you click and not where you’re currently at. So dumb down a little, and don’t spam those right clicks. Just press two times, and only click again when you need to change directions. Also keep the mouse clicks far from your hero so you can easily change your direction. Also, always get a Heart of Tarrasque before Tinkwerk.  


The Giant Amoeboid - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss
The Giant Amoeboid - Aghanim's Labyrinth Boss

The Giant Amoeboid or the Blob is probably the most annoying to fight against because of how chaotic the room can be. The Blob splits when attacked, so there will be many small Blobs. The Blob will also summon black holes that will suck in all the mini-Blobs and your team together - and it’ll be very overwhelming. So stick to these 2 rules:

  • The little Blobs are a PRIORITY and must be hard focused. Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they’re weak!
  • Run. It is important to have mobility items to buff up your speed or add safety mechanics like Eul’s Scepter. More important than other bosses in fact because once you’re stunned, you’re going to be chain stunned to oblivion.

In this stage, AoE damage nukes can greatly help. There is not much Cheese for this boss but if you’re playing Phoenix, you can do a little something. You just need everyone on your team to die. Once you’re the last man standing, you can move the big Blob over somewhere and he will jump, but no longer aggro to you. So you can free hit with fire spirits and the like. Not that useful, but it’s there!

With some modifiers on apex, this room is legit not possible. Have you ever done Amoebas with chilling touch? I have. It is no good.

That's all for all the bosses of Aghanim's Labyrinth!