Introducing the worst heroes in Aghanim’s Labyrinth, but every hero has its place. Read on to see what strengths the “Meme Heroes” have, if any.

Take a look at the first category of heroes, Aghanim Labyrinth: Meme Heroes. The first category in heroes might be labeled D-tier but instead, they’ve been crowned Meme Heroes! These are the least favorable heroes to pick, but if you can make them work beyond Sorcerer then good on you!

“All heroes are good, they can all beat it. But, as difficulty increases, variance decreases. And it’s just a fact that some heroes just have more useful skills than others” – SirActionSlacks!

ActionSlacks’ Hero ranking system!

Witch Doctor – “Most of his kit doesn’t even f**king work”

Witch Doctor is good at clearing rooms with multi-cask and accelerating damage that allies do with Maledict. Why not just do damage yourself. Why buff the damage allies do? Why not just pick… a different hero?

“Most of his kit doesn’t even f**king work” – SirActionSlacks on Witch Doctor

“Witch Doctor’s heal is also literally broken, but not in a good way,” said SirActionSlacks. “Many of the upgrades like reduce mana cost actually increase mana cost, in fact most of his kit doesn’t even f*king work. This is why he is last. The hero is legit broken and has some really messed up heal talents.

Lina – “Short and sweet, she sucks”

“Speaking of broken heroes like WD, Lina is also in Aghanim’s Labyrinth and half of her shit also doesn’t work,” said SirActionSlacks.

Lina’s Legendary Shards do not combo well and Lina literally “sucks” says SirActionSlacks

“Lina’s only strength is she nukes magic damage which many other heroes can do better. Her Fiery Soul is underwhelming and literally doesn’t work, and her Legendary Shards hardly ever combo into each other. Short and sweet, she sucks,”

Luna – “Horrible”

Luna is actually playable and nothing is broken but her speciality is clearing small mobs. How does help you beat the Primal Beast? It doesn’t. Luna is squishy, wants to right click but can’t survive being close to mobs.

“You can build her with max Lucent Beam and Ult,” said SirActionSlacks. “But that requires a lot of Shard luck. It also isn’t amazing because the Primal Beast moves all the time so he’ll run out of Eclipse range quite often.”

“Luna is the third worst though because she has some of the most dogsh*t talents out of everyone. When a glaive bounce kills something an eclipse will spawn at 35% Power. OH I HOPE MY GLAIVE BOUNCES OFF THE PRIMAL BEAST AND DOES THE LAST HIT AGAINST THAT GOLEM SO THAT NOTHING F*CKING HAPPENS,” said SirActionSlacks. “Horrible.”

Slark – “No idea what this hero is good at”

“No idea what his hero is good at. His ultimate does not regen and he pounces into enemies to.. die,” said SirActionSlacks. “His Q seems to be the only good thing and its not that good. No cheese potential, hardly any team fight, no stuns, but the homie got leash.”

Caveat however! Pounce’s leash with upgrades can actually prevents the Final Boss from doing like 70% of his attacks according to SirActionSlacks. Leashing him while he tries to jump to an ally to do his ground pound actually holds him in place.

“Surprisingly Slark is one of the most broken heroes for the Final Boss,” said SirActionSlacks. “However, you do have to make it to the Primal Beast with Slark. Good luck.”

Dawnbreaker is all about her Q but struggles against bosses

Dawnbreaker – “Can be pretty fun in lower-levels”

Another great room clearer but struggles against pretty much ALL bosses. Her ultimate is lacklustre and her Hammer Throw is questionable. Really it’s all about her Q, but if you’re getting that close to a boss to do damage with your Q you’re probably going to get one shot.

“Dawnbreaker can be pretty fun in the lower-levels though which is why she’s in the meme tier,” said SirActionSlacks.

Magnus – “Who wants to be an empowering ally dude for 90 minutes?”

Magnus used to be a God in the original Aghanim Labyrinth, but his charge no longer breaks enemy animations. So he’s honestly not that great.

“Boosting your ally’s damage is nice but it is really all he is good for. Who wants to be an empowering Ally dude for 90 minutes!? It just doesn’t seem fun,” said SirActionSlacks. “Shockwave is a shitty nuke, and there are just better choices this year. Why would you want to reposition an enemy when you could… kill an enemy?! Think about it. Don’t Pick Magnus.”

Mars – “Not the best hero, but he’s a lot fun”

Mars is not really tanky enough to tank, his spears can do a lot of damage but he’s just kind of the hard mode character. A lot of fun to play on harder difficulties but you have to get really really good with positioning and kiting.

“Mars not the best hero in the world but he’s a lot of fun,” said SirActionSlacks. “So if you feel like having a challenge, and getting some super broken stuff if you get a really lucky, slap a Mars. But don’t pick him if you want to get serious.”

Bane – ” Literally the most f**king worthless hero in the entire game mode”

“Bane is literally the most f**king worthless hero in the entire game mode,” said SirActionSlacks. “He is so bad unless you get 3 Shards out of the 12. There is no reason to play this stupid hero unless you don’t get the Mind Control Shard first.”

What if you don’t get the Mind Control Shard? Remake the game.

“Bane is awful. Oh and f**k you all for constantly joining my games hoping to get his ONE shard that makes him playable and then wasting my time as you get Enfeeble shit talents,” added SirActionSlacks.

The chance of getting 3 Shards on Bane “it ain’t good, it’s bad, f**k you Bane players”

“Look I’m not good at Maths but the chance of you getting all 3 Shards so you can solo Primal Beast like you saw some kid do on Reddit two months ago is this many,” said SirActionSlacks. “It ain’t good, It’s bad, f**k you Bane players. STOP!”

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