SirActionSlacks rounds up the Dream Team Heroes, a group of 5 heroes that can defeat Apex difficulty in the right hands. Get them unlocked!

We take a look at the third category of heroes in Aghanim's Labyrinth, the "Dream Team Heroes". These are heroes strong enough to complete the Apex difficulty level if used well. Learn what makes them so good, but remember you need to unlock them.

All heroes are good, they can all beat it. But, as difficulty increases, variance decreases. And it’s just a fact that some heroes just have more useful skills than others.”


ActionSlacks’ Hero ranking system!

Tier 3 | Dream Team (Can win Apex in the right hands)

Clinkz -  If you're looking for a hero to just right click but your not great with positioning, clinkz can be your boi.

Clinkz is a great hero for those who want to deal a lot of damage, but are bad at the positioning. His abilities can deal right-click damage without having to stand still, and when it comes to Burning Barrage you can choose when to do so which gives it value!

Clinkz abusing the Primal Beast (Refresher + Shard by Abrakadaniel)
Clinkz abusing the Primal Beast (Refresher + Shard by Abrakadaniel)

He is naturally mobile and his invisible skill would greatly help.

Gyrocopter - "With the right upgrades he can Beast Mode any room."

Gyrocopter is good at dealing magical damage while moving around. His abilities are great to clear waves and also burst single targets which are perfect for this game mode.

"He's not the best in this category BUT with the right upgrades, he can Beast Mode any room. Focus on Rocket Barrage and his ultimate and missile," said SirActionSlacks. "Just put one point in the Flak for some AOE room clear and avoid Rocket Ride at all costs.

Rocket Ride: "Any ally can saddle up and ride the Homing Missile. Enemies hit as the missile passes through them take the Missile's damage. Can not go over impassable terrain."

"The main goal of playing Gyrocopter in Aghanim's Labyrinth this year is to deal as much magic damage as possible by getting broken combos such as Mini Missiles + Calldown + Rocket Barrage."

Mini Missiles: "On hitting its target, the Homing Missile splinters into up to 6 mini missiles aimed at other targets within 800 range. The mini missiles deal 50% of the original Homing Missile damage and stun."

Viper - This hero is super slept on.

Viper is highly underrated. This guy can be really tanky by getting spell lifesteal and bouncing Viper Strike because you will be healing to full health constantly.

Viper deals massive magical damage and has good enough mobility to run and juke around. He is slightly better than Gyro because he can serve as a pseudo tank in the most difficult levels. His spit puddle works wonders and he can easily clear some rooms with his abilities.

Tusk - His Tag Team is like Magnus empower on crack.

Tusk is famous for a lot of successful Apex Mage runs - which basically means he’s great. His Tag Team can be buffed to cover a huge portion of rooms and it buffs damage output from all his allies for all the levels. 

This is like Magnus empower on crack. You don't need to click on heroes individually and there's no downtime.


You don’t really need to play him to acknowledge that he’s great. And of course, the Snowball saves and kites? Chef's kiss.

Weaver - Very high skill ceiling hero but if you mess up you will murder your entire team.

Okay, so this year’s event nerfs all the right-click heroes and you should refrain from picking them. BUT Weaver? This hero works wonders. All the bosses are now buffed with high armor and Weaver’s bugs deal massive negative armor - so yes, he has the perfect counter. If your team plans to draft physical attacks, Weaver is a necessity.

But be warned, in the wrong hands, Weaver can RUIN games - because when he goes into Sukuchi and swarms the enemies, they’ll be aggroed to his allies instead. And if his team isn’t prepared, it can be very frustrating. He is a high-skill ceiling hero so focus on your job: Shoot little Weavers and lower their armors. 

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