A look at SirActionSlacks’ “Inbetween Heroes” of Aghanim’s Labyrinth, the heroes that can do the business until Grand Magus but still suffer from a few key flaws.

We take a lot at the second category of heroes in Aghanim's Labyrinth,"Inbetween" Heroes. Heroes that CAN work but you need to know their strengths and their weaknesses. Read on for wisdom from SirActionSlacks himself. Check out Esports.gg's Aghanim's Lab guide here.

All heroes are good, they can all beat it. But, as difficulty increases, variance decreases. And it’s just a fact that some heroes just have more useful skills than others.”


ActionSlacks’ Hero ranking system!

Aghanim Labyrinth "Inbetween Heroes" (Only use up to Grand Magus)

Sand King - "Can be fantastic but has a bunch of garbage shards."

Sand King is quite great but his shards can be disappointing. His Sand Storm has a long-period, huge damage AoE that can almost fill a room, and also can be buffed to really be powerful. His Caustic Finale is okay, he is tanky and mobile, but he lacks in the damage department; so focus on buffing up his Sand Storm to make the most out of this hero. But regarding his ultimate..

Epicenter is just total shit. Just like the main game!

Snapfire - "Useful, but too shard dependent." 

Snapfire can be a good hero but she’s too shard-dependent, which means you need a lot of luck to really have fun with this hero. But when it comes to her ultimate..

Mortimer's Kisses? *vomiting sounds

If you want to try her out, focus on getting Lil shredder and Firesnap Cookie upgrades for the armor reductions and stuns. With the right shards, her Lil Shredder can MELT bosses and be super broken. Without those shards, Snapfire can still be pretty useful but you might struggle a bit.

Disruptor - "Amazing with Kinetic Field bonuses, but pretty meh without those."

I would put him in the MEME tier but honestly Kinetic Field bonuses are so GODDAMN GOOD! He can legit make his entire team INVINCIBLE by stacking them with the heal.

While Disruptor’s abilities are mostly mediocre, the amazing Kinetic Bonuses can be game-changing. If you play this hero, go for all the Kinetic Field shards and upgrades to be able to control waves and save allies.

"He is still awesome from last year and a LOT of fun to play," said SirActionSlacks.

Kunkka - "X-mark builds with the BKB effect are team saving sh*t." 

Kunkka is very versatile and there are many ways you can try the hero in the game mode. You can go for Torrent builds, X-Mark builds, and ultimate builds - they’re all great! However, "don't ever put points in Tidebringer, they suck," said SirActionSlacks.

He can buff his team, deal great damage, has a massive power spike with the Ship Fleet talent, and against the Primal Beast, the X-Mark build with BKB effect works wonders.

Ursa - "Heard the stories, seems good." 

I heard he can do MASSIVE broken damage with the right shards. I really want to try this hero but I've never unlocked him AND I'M NOT GIVING YOU MORE MONEY GABEN!!

If you’re looking at Ursa, this guy is pretty great. He can do massive damage with the right shards and he is a strong contender against the bosses. He has a decent wave clear and he is very durable with his ultimate, so focus on building up his damage. Get shards and upgrades for Enrage so by the end game, you can be untouchable.

"Ursa is pretty good with the right combos," said SirActionSlacks.

Sniper - "Needs to dodge literally everything or he dies."

Sniper can deal a ton of damage but the problem with this hero is his mobility. "You need to dodge literally everything and your movement speed is absolute dogsh*t," said SirActionSlacks. And due to him just dodging and running all the time, it technically means you wouldn’t be contributing much damage-wise.

If you want to try out this hero, make sure you make a build that lets Sniper move well and escape from waves and bosses.

"Nothing special here. If you’re a braindead Sniper picker in pubs, pick him here and play him the same, what do I care."


Winter Wyvern - "She's not that great."

Wyvern's abilities are mostly physical damage and this makes it hard for her to flourish against all the armor. Her ultimate is not as valuable, it could be handy at times but it’s not that great of a spell.

Winter Wyvern can be useful for wave-clear and healing; overall she’s okay to play, but not great. "There are just better cheesers like Phoenix that can make things much, much easier for you," said SirActionSlacks.

Lich - "Pretty good but bad news, his q and e are uh..eh fun on magician!" 

Lich works as a support and your goal should to be to buff up your allies. His abilities don’t provide a good wave-clear option, his shield is decent and his ultimate is.. barely game-changing. BUT with the right build and shards.. this hero goes far.

Lich can be EXTREMELY good but you have to get the right shards for buffing your teammates. I'm talking about his ult bounces to teammates that gives them BKBs AND +50 movement speed. I mean it's pretty amazing.

So yes, if you plan to play Lich - focus on grabbing the Frost Shield and Chain Frost upgrades to achieve that IMMENSE team buff.

Drow Ranger - "Is the best of the best of the not that great."

Drow Ranger can deal a good amount of DPS, she has the Gust utility, she can nuke rooms - she is decent. But her biggest disadvantage has to be how immobile she is and the fact that she needs to stand still to deal damage. There are great heroes that can also deal massive right-click damage and Drow just isn’t one of them - especially if you want to play the Apex level difficulty.

Drow Ranger can nuke rooms but her lack of mobility is a problem
Drow Ranger can nuke rooms but her lack of mobility is a problem

Omniknight - "If you don't get the 1 broken shard, hes..alright." 

Omniknight is the BEST tank in this game mode, thanks to his repel shards. 

I know you have seen Omni solo the last boss with repel and blademail.. I know.


HOWEVER, if you don’t get the good shards, he’s not as OP. He can be a good pocket heal to support damage dealers and as always without the good shards, he’s merely mediocre. If you’re planning to play this hero, make sure you get the sustain shards and focus on supporting your allies. "He's not the best but he's certainly not BAD, he is a fine pick,' said SirActionSlacks.

That's it for the In-between heroes!

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