Some players at this tournament have already qualified for the Esports World Cup, but the fight for the remaining spot was super intense.

DreamHack Summer 2024 has the highest rank among all TEKKEN 8 Esports World Cup (EWC) 2024 qualifiers. Eight spots were distributed here, and it’s one of just a few chances to get into the EWC competition. 

As the event took place in Sweden, many European players registered for the fights. Also, a few prominent TEKKEN personalities from the U.S. attended the tournament as well — while no one from North America (NA) has an EWC 2024 qualifying spot yet. The show was spectacular! 

Everything about TEKKEN 8 at DreamHack Summer 2024 is here: the format details, schedule, live stream, top players to watch out for, and results.

DreamHack Summer 2024 TEKKEN 8: Format and stream

Unlike many other fighting esports tournaments, this one was strongly focused on the starting pools and the intermediate stage. Participants of TEKKEN 8 DreamHack Summer 2024 aimed to reach the top 8 placements to qualify for EWC 2024. This naturally increased the tension. Winning the whole tournament was also a goal to strive for, so the final brackets were super interesting to watch.

As some pretty strong attendees have already qualified for the TEKKEN 8 Esports World Cup 2024, landing somewhere in the top 32 gave players the precious invite. In general, DreamHack Summer 2024 hosted an excellent TEKKEN 8 tournament to follow.


The official channel of EWC 2024 fighting games streamed the TEKKEN 8 matches from DreamHack Summer 2024 — check out pools and top 32 here. The video below is a shorten version of the top 8 brackets featuring only the fights.

TEKKEN 8 DreamHack Summer 2024 results

Players who qualified for the TEKKEN 8 Esports World Cup are listed below. They are not who reached the top 8 at DreamHack Summer 2024. Some of the competitors already have their qualifying spots, so tie breaking matches were needed.

Qualified players
Qualified players

Top 8

Once again, the Korean players proved their might in TEKKEN. The top 4 at DreamHack Summer 2024 are from South Korea.

Mulgold started the top 8 part with a match against Kaneandtrench. Having Yoshimitsu as an opponent was difficult due to many rock-paper-scissors mix ups. But Claudio also had some tricks up his sleeve. Both players demonstrated their adaptation skills. Mulgold lost a round but then won Game 1. Kaneandtrench learned his lesson and started Game 2 with two won rounds. Still, Mulgold adapted again and won the whole match.

In the parallel bracket, ULSAN played against Raef. The first game was pretty close. But in Game 2, ULSAN looked like he gained momentum and that boost helped him win three confident rounds.

The winners final was spectacularly close! Both ULSAN and Mulgold had their great moments and delivered impressive damage. The score was also pretty much even, reflecting the situation on the battleground. At some point, it looked like Mulgold could already close the match, but then ULSAN got three clean rounds and brought the fight to Game 5. In the final couple of rounds, Mulgold was so good at finding tricky openings! He proceeded to the grand final.

With all the serious TEKKEN 8 characters in the top 8 brackets, Rangchu still brought his Kuma/Panda to the fight. The costumes created a special atmosphere in those matches: from a polar bear against Kazuya of KEISUKE to a… Panda-bee against Dragunov of ULSAN. That looked brilliantly unusual! Kuma/Panda dealt a lot of chip damage on block, and Rangchu used that feature quite successfully.

For the losers final against Kuma, ULSAN switched to Azucena, his previous main. This decision did not pay off — maybe because of the many changes in TEKKEN 8 patch 1.05. After losing Game 1, ULSAN returned back to Dragunov. It helped, but the fight was still very close. ULSAN won and proceeded to the grand final.

Grand final

Both players were swift with their stage movement and delivered great hits with damaging combos. ULSAN looked super focused on victory, and it took some luck and incredible skills from Mulgold to still win a game.

ULSAN reset the bracket, and he did not lose his victorious spirit. He won two quick games, and Mulgold could recover only one point after that.

ULSAN is the TEKKEN 8 champion at DreamHack Summer 2024. Congratulations!

T8 character
TWT 2024 points earned
2KWANGDONG FREECS | MulgoldClaudio100
3VARREL | RangchuKuma/Panda70
4Afreeca Freecs | CBMJin50
5Dragons Esports | RaefJin30
8FATE eSports | JoddNina15
Top 8 brackets (Image via
Top 8 brackets (Image via

Esports World Cup 2024 qualifiers for TEKKEN 8

The qualifying season for the TEKKEN 8 tournament at EWC 2024 started back in April with the event Evo Japan 2024. The total number of qualifying spots is 32. Some players have already earned their tickets to Riyadh.

  • Evo Japan 2024 — 4 spots: Chikurin, LowHigh, Chanel, and Mangja
  • Battle Arena Melbourne 14 — 2 spots: Yagami and ULSAN
  • DreamHack Dallas 2024 — 8 spots: Nobi, Rangchu, CBM, Mulgold, AK, Arslan Ash, Sephiblack, and Farzeen
  • Super Tournament 2024 Summer — 2 spots: JeonDDing and THE JON

After DreamHack Summer 2024, TEKKEN 8 players will have significantly fewer chances:

  • CEO 2024: 2 spots
  • The MIXUP 2024: 2 spots
  • Riyadh Festival LCQ: 4 spots

TEKKEN World Tour 2024: A Dojo event

In addition to the status of the EWC qualifier, the TEKKEN 8 tournament at DreamHack Summer 2024 is part of the World Tour. The rank of this event in the official league is not big, though — Dojo. Still, it’s an opportunity to earn up to 150 points for the World Tour 2024 standings.

Top players at TEKKEN 8 DreamHack Summer 2024

Watching esports tournaments is a great way to improve your personal skills in fighting games. For example, JeonDDing played Eddy Gordo at Super Tournament 2024, and seeing him doing practical magic with this character should be a great addition to, say, learning basics from our TEKKEN 8 Eddy guide. The same can be said about other characters — even if you don’t play them, you may face them in online matches.

Some of the participants may get more attention from the viewers thanks to their previous successes. Let’s list a few TEKKEN 8 professionals that we watched out for at DreamHack Summer 2024.

  • Knee — The legend of competitive TEKKEN reached 5th-6th at Combo Breaker 2024. It feels like Knee has a good chance to qualify for EWC from DreamHack Summer.
  • JDCR — The player experienced technical difficulties during an early match at DreamHack Dallas 2024, and many people from the TEKKEN community think JDCR was robbed back then. It’s another chance to prove his competitive skills.
  • Ghirlanda — He is a wonderful player who inspires many people in the fighting games community (FGC). Ghirlanda is part of Falcons now, and the tournament in Europe is a good opportunity for him to qualify for the big international event in Riyadh.
  • Super Akouma — A strong TEKKEN player from Europe. This competitor who should feel motivated to reach the top in TEKKEN 8.
  • JoKa — The player won THE BAAZ GAUNTLET tournament in Pakistan, defeating Arslan Ash in the grand final.
  • Shadow 20z — He is an American TEKKEN 8 player. Shadow 20z travels a lot to play at international events.
  • Anakin — The well-known U.S. competitor was 4th at Texas Showdown 2024.
  • ty — Ty played at a few big international events recently. This experience may help him to finally qualify for the EWC.

Some other big TEKKEN 8 celebrities were also there. Watching them was interesting, even if they already had spots at the Esports World Cup 2024: Rangchu, ULSAN, CBM, Mulgold, and Sephiblack.

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