This tournament was another big chance for players to qualify for Esports World Cup 2024.

Unlike other big fighting games, Street Fighter 6 still hasn't had its official league start. Capcom Pro Tour 2024 has events later this year, and the pro community has dedicated their efforts to getting a spot at the Esports World Cup 2024. Some players have already achieved this goal, but there are not so many qualifiers left so the competition intensifies.

DreamHack Summer 2024 was, in fact, a pretty great opportunity for Street Fighter 6 players. The tournament provided eight qualifying spots. On the other hand, lots of amazingly strong professionals took this chance, and the event was simply stacked with celebrities from the fighting game community (FGC). 

For the viewers, this sure was a lucky situation! Everything about the Street Fighter 6 tournament at DreamHack Summer 2024 is here on! Check out the schedule, stream, a recap of the EWC 2024 qualifiers, a list of players to watch out for, and the results. 

SF6 DreamHack Summer 2024 format and stream

The Street Fighter 6 tournament at DreamHack Summer 2024 consists of three stages:

  • 8 Pools - The Top 4 players from each pool proceed further.
  • Top 32 - Not only do the players fight to get to the next stage, but they also aim for the Esports World Cup 2024 spots here.
  • Top 8 - The Top 8 players fight for a qualifying spot.


All Street Fighter 6 matches from DreamHack Summer 2024 were streamed on the official channels of Esports World Cup. You can watch the Top 8 brackets right here:

DreamHack Summer 2024 Street Fighter 6 results

With the pools and the top 32 part being over, we can list the players who proceed to Top 8 and qualified for Esports World Cup 2024:

Itabashi Zangief
Big Bird

Top 8

It’s been almost a month since Akuma joined Street Fighter 6, and the pro community has already brought the Great Demon to the top-level play. Kawano played Akuma and showed the power of this character in the first semifinal against Itabashi Zangief. It was a very close fight. Kawano tried to keep a distance to punish the close-range moves of the grappler. But when Zangief actually landed his attacks, Akuma ate tons of damage. Only in the very last round, because of Itazan’s mistake, Kawano won and proceeded to the winners final. It was one of the closest matches of the tournament!

In the parallel brackets, Big Bird played against xiaohai, Rashid versus Ken. It looked like the speed of the wind master was too much for Ken. Big Bird won with a 3-0.

In the winners final, Kawano chose a different style for his Akuma — he was notably more aggressive in offense. It helped in Game 1, but those two rounds were enough for Big Bird to adapt and find an answer to that pressure. After three won games in a row, Big Bird proceeded to the grand final.

Meanwhile, in the losers brackets, Bonchan was an unstoppable destructive power. He played Luke and defeated one by one Guile of Rainpro, Ken of xiaohai, A.K.I. of Hikaru, and eventually, Akuma of Kawano — to proceed to the grand final.

Another player worth mentioning in our recap of DreamHack Summer 2024 is Hikaru. He is a 19-year player from Japan and he brought his A.K.I. to the international competition and played decently against the biggest Street Fighter names on the planet. He defeated Punk quite easily. His match against Itabashi Zangief was close and spectacular! Hikaru made his character look so strong.

Kawano could not make it to the grand final for a rematch against Big Bird. Bonchan stopped Akuma, even if the match was back-and-forth, with some super close moments for Kawano.

Grand Final

In this match, Big Bird demonstrated once again how scary Rashid can be with his super quick offensive pressure. The character puts you in the corner and then delivers nicely optimized damage. At least, that was Big Bird’s achievement with his Rashid mastery.

Bonchan's Luke also had great openings and reads. There were super close rounds, and Bonchan won some of them. But that wasn’t enough even to reset the brackets.

Big Bird is the Street Fighter 6 Champion at DreamHack Summer 2024. Congratulations!

1NASR | Big BirdRashid
2Red Bull | BonchanLuke
3Hitbox | KawanoAkuma
4EVA:e | HikaruA.K.I.
5Qanba | xiaohaiKen
6DetonatioN FocusMe | Itabashi ZangiefZangief
7Guild Esports | RainproGuile
8FlyQuest | PunkCamy
Top 8 brackets (Image via
Top 8 brackets (Image via

SF6 Esports World Cup 2024 qualifiers

Thirty-two players will be able to attend the Street Fighter 6 tournament at the Esports World Cup happening from Aug. 8 to Aug. 11. To get a spot, they need to reach Top 2/4/6/8 placements at various qualifiers. There were eight EWC spots distributed at DreamHack Summer.

Some players already qualified from:

  • Evo Japan 2024: 6 spots: MenaRD, Kakeru, Lexx, Ryukichi, Vxbao, and moke
  • DreamHack Dallas 2024: 8 spots: gachikun, Problem X, Phenom, Zhen, Chris Wong, NuckleDu, Oil King, and Higuchi
  • Battle Arena Melbourne 14: 2 spots: Tokido, and Tachikawa

In addition to DreamHack Summer, there will be only three more qualifiers:

  • CEO 2024: Two spots
  • The MIXUP 2024: Two spots
  • Riyadh Festival LCQ: Four spots

Another fighting games tournament at DreamHack Dallas had the same status as an Esports World Cup qualifier — TEKKEN 8.

Top players to watch out for at SF6 DreamHack Summer 2024

Let’s highlight some big Street Fighters names that spectators watched out for.

  • Daigo — The legend himself was here. Daigo Umehara is always a threat to his opponents.
  • Kawano — He won EVO 2022, but Kawano still needs to establish himself in Street Fighter 6.
  • Bonchan — One of the strongest players in the world. Bonchan finished 3rd at BAM 14.
  • Big Bird — The player got many top placements in the Capcom Pro Tour events in 2023.
  • Xian — A competitor from Singapore. He was overcome by Japanese opponents at Battle Arena Melbourne 14.
  • Punk — A prominent player from the U.S. Punk won Frosty Faustings XVI at the beginning of 2024.
  • Nephew — This player needed just a couple of steps to qualify from DreamHack Dallas 2024.

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