It was an Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier and another chance for a Tekken legend to return to the top.

The Tekken community is having a remarkable period right now. Big tournaments happen one after another and even simultaneously. Tekken World Tour 2024 has the Master and Challenger events. Esports World Cup 2024 organizes qualifiers for fighting games — the Tekken 8 tournament at DreamHack Dallas 2024 was one of them.

In addition to the high stakes that attracted some of the strongest competitors in the world, the event unleashed the glorious return of Arslan Ash, the Pakistani Tekken king. We witnessed his big international play in Tekken 8 for the first time. Arslan did not win the T8 tournament at Combo Breaker 2024. Could he return to the top 1 at DreamHack Fighters?

Everything about this tournament is here, on the format, schedule, streams, and a list of top players. The Tekken 8 results have been also added to the post, as DreamHack Dallas 2024 is already over.

DreamHack Dallas 2024 Tekken 8 results

This tournament showed once again how wonderfully unpredictable esports is. Arslan Ash fell to the losers brackets in the top 24 part, after the match vs Rangchu. AK lost on the same stage to CBM. Knee was eliminated after his match against AK.

In a way, matches before the finals brackets were more important. It did not go without a bitter moment. During the match between JDCR and AK, a technical error occurred, which caused a prolonged pause. After that, JDCR was sent to the losers and eventually couldn’t qualify. Some people in the community think that JDCR was robbed, so Alex Jebailey, the tournament organizer, had to apologize. 

Still, the top 8 players got their invites to the Esports World Cup 2024, and it was the main goal for many participants. 

Top 8

Arslan Ash and AK didn't have a rematch this time. They played in the parallel losers brackets and were both eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Nobi sent Rangchu to the losers in the semi-final, and then he won the winners' final vs CBM. The grand final did not go too well for Nobi. After defeating CMB, Rangchu took Panda to the fight and reset the brackets. This boost wasn’t sufficient for winning the tournament, though. In the grand final reset, Nobi saved himself when Rangchu had a tournament point — and then, celebrated the ultimate victory.

Nobi is the Tekken 8 champion at DreamHack Dallas 2024. Congratulations!

Tekken 8 top 8 brackets at DreamHack Dallas 2024 (image via
Tekken 8 top 8 brackets at DreamHack Dallas 2024 (image via
TWT points earned
1YAMASA | NobiDragunov300
2VARREL | RangchuKuma, Panda220
4KWANGDONG FREECS | MulgoldFeng, laudio150
5-6PlayBook Esports | AKShaheen120
5-6Twisted Minds | Arslan AshNina120
7-8BIG | SephiblackShaheen90
7-8Team Falcons | FarzeenVictor90

Tekken 8 tournament format at DreamHack Dallas 2024

Almost 500 Tekken 8 players have registered for this tournament. A few stages are needed to determine the top 8 players for the final matches.

  • 16 pools; players have to reach the top 4 placements here to proceed further
  • Top 64
  • Top 24
  • Top 8

This format is identical to another big tournament: Street Fighter 6 at DreamHack Dallas 2024.

DreamHack Dallas 2024: Tekken 8 schedule

The T8 matches start on Day 2 of this esports event. The final stage is planned for the last day. Check out the schedule in the table below.

Tournament stage
Start time
PoolsSaturday, June 110 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. CST / 1 p.m. ET
Top 64 / Top 24Saturday, June 14 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. CST / 7 p.m. ET
Top 8Sunday, June 21 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. CST / 4 p.m. ET

Where can I watch Tekken 8 at DreamHack Dallas?

The Tekken 8 tournament DreamHack Dallas 2024 is a Challenger event of the Tekken World Tour 2024 and a qualifier for the Esports World Cup 2024.

  • The top 16 players will earn points for the TWT standings: from 50 to 300.
  • The top 8 players will qualify for the Esports World Cup 2024 Tekken 8 tournament that is planned from August 22 to August 25.

While the official Tekken Twitch channel streams the Master event from BAM 14, the DreamHack 2024 Tekken 8 matches will be available to watch on the EWC Fighters channel here.

Top Players at Tekken 8 DreamHack Dallas 2024

This tournament takes place a week after Combo Breaker 2024, where Arslan Ash fell to losers quite early but made it to the grand final. Still, AK from the Philippines won that very close match. Can Arslan get the victory this time? Will he have a rematch with AK? Just this intrigue makes DreamHack Dallas 2024 Tekken 8 super interesting. And the tournament features even more great T8 players to watch out for.

  1. Arslan Ash — he was literally the best in Tekken 7, having many great victories in his pocket, such as EVO 2023 and Tekken World Tour 2023 Finals.
  2. Knee — it feels like this legendary player has nicely adapted to the newest game. At Combo Breaker 2024, Knee was stopped by Arslan Ash.
  3. AK — obviously, the Tekken 8 Combo Breaker 2024 champion is a threat for all the opponents.
  4. Ghirlanda — he is a remarkable player from Europe, who has many top placements after building his career combining esports training and a full-time job.
  5. Shadow — a strong competitor from the U.S. His performance is filled with ups and downs, and DreamHack Dallas 2024 may become the up moment.
  6. Chikurin — this Japanese player won the Tekken 8 Evo Japan 2024 tournament.
  7. Kkokkoma — the guy got a contract with NAVI around a week ago, and he should be full of motivation to prove himself.

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