A World Tour qualifier of the highest rank came one of the strongest TEKKEN countries.

TEKKEN World Tour 2024 is an official global league for the fighting game TEKKEN 8. It features many qualifiers, with Master events being the biggest — they reward top players with the most standing points. Super Tournament 2024 has such a status, so don’t miss it if you are interested in TEKKEN.

Super Tournament 2024 took place in South Korea, the country that blessed the world with so many legendary TEKKEN players. The worldwide success of players like Knee, JDCR, and SAINT created a special tradition of Korean TEKKEN, inspiring many new local players to prove themselves.

Let’s check out various details of Super Tournament 2024: the schedule, format, streams, players to watch out for, when the event is over, and the results. The post also contains information about the Arc World Tour Gold qualifiers, which are also part of Super Tournament 2024.

Super Tournament 2024 results

While the event is over, we can highlight the results of Super Tournaments 2024 in this section.

TEKKEN 8 results

An interesting thing to notice about this tournament is the variety of TEKKEN 8 characters in the top 8 brackets. We could even see Eddy Gordo played by JeonDDing, who had a good fight in the winners semifinal, eliminated Chanel from the tournament, but then also lost to Rangchu.

Seeing Kuma by Rangchu being such a viable fighter was also cool. The bear’s presence added extravaganza to otherwise serious matches. Rangchu had a good run in the lower brackets, but then was stopped by ULSAN.

The main TEKKEN 8 fight of Super Tournament 2024 was between ULSAN and Mulgold. Both won their semifinals, and then ULSAN had a promising start in the winners final. ULSAN chose Reina to face Mulgold's Claudio and won two rounds in a row. However, he couldn’t convert that into a score point. Mulgold successfully recovered, and despite some close rounds, Mulgold won the most important clashes and finished the match with a 3-0 victory.

TEKKEN 8 Grand Final

ULSAN defeated Rangchu and proceeded to the grand final. This time, he managed to cash out some of his offensive actions. ULSAN took Dragunov this time, and it helped the player to clutch in Game 1 with one second on the clock in the decisive round. But after Mulgold won two following games, ULSAN returned to Reina and won a super close Game 4.

In the decisive game, the fight again reached Game 5. Mulgold was slightly better and did not let his opponent reset the bracket.

Mulgold is the TEKKEN 8 champion at the AfreecaTV Tekken League 2024 Summer Super Tournament 2024. Congratulations!

TEKKEN 8 final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via start.gg)
TEKKEN 8 final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via start.gg)
TEKKEN 8 character
TWT 2024 points earned
1KWANGDONG FREECS | MulgoldClaudio560
3VARREL | RangchuKuma300
4Team Vitality | JeonDDingEddy220
5DRX | LowHighDragunov, Shaheen, Bryan180
6DRX | ChanelAlisa, Zafina180
7Ashes Gaming | THE JONKing150

Two players from the TEKKEN 8 ATL Super Tournament 2024 qualified for the Esports World Cup 2024: JeonDDing and THE JON. They were not the top two in the competition, but all the players who placed higher had already qualified: from DreamHack Dallas (Mulgold, Rangchu), Battle Arena Melbourne (ULSAN), and Evo Japan (LowHigh, Chanel). Thus, every player from the Super Tournament 2024 top 8 will compete at the TEKKEN 8 Esports World Cup 2024, from Aug. 22 to Aug. 25.

Guilty Gear -Strive- results

The tournament organizers did not let the players take Slayer to the GGST matches. The vampire was released around two weeks before the Super Tournament 2024, and therefore he wasn’t eligible.

GOBOU still brought a pretty new character to the fights: A.B.A, who was released in March 2024. The girl with her demon key is a rare guest at GGST competitions. GOBOU dropped her after the very first game against NAGE and switched to Asuka until the end of the top 8 part. 

GOBOU still fell to the losers bracket after that match. However, the player had confident victories, including 3:0 versus NAGE, to reach the grand final. This victorious spirit remained with GOBOU until the ultimate victory — 3-0 to reset the brackets against Jiro and then 3-1 to seal the deal.

GOBOU is the Guilty Gear Strive champion at Super Tournament 2024. Congratulations!

GGST final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via liquipedia.net)
GGST final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via liquipedia.net)
GGST character
AWT 2024 points earned
1GOBOUAsuka, A.B.A100
3JMS Impact Gaming | NAGEFaust20
5Crew EGOISM | sanakanHappy Chaos8
6DRX | pokaHappy Chaos, Bridget8
7Immortal | SummitChipp6
8umaamanRamlethal, Baiken6

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising results

Like with Guilty Gear -Strive-, one character wasn’t allowed at the tournament: Beatrix, who joined Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising on May 23, 2024.

Tororo, who finished 2nd at Evo Japan 2024, was kind of unstoppable this time. He played Percival in two first matches of the top 8 brackets and then switched to Siegfried for the grand final. He lost only one game throughout this run.

Tororo is the Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising champion at Super Tournament 2024. Congratulations!

GBVSR final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via liquipedia.net)
GBVSR final brackets at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via liquipedia.net)
GBVSR character
AWT 2024 points earned
1IBUSHIGIN | TororoSiegfried, Percival100
3Paragon | KojicocoNier, Zooey20
4Crew EGOISM | FrameworkDjeeta, Anila12
5Pro Gamers World | RenSeox8

Super Tournament 2024: Games and schedule

In total, only three fighting games were featured at Super Tournament 2024. But all of them had global league qualifiers.

  • TEKKEN 8 — A TEKKEN World Tour 2024 Master event and an Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier
  • Guilty Gear Strive — An Arc World Tour 2024 Gold qualifier
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising — An Arc World Tour 2024 Gold qualifier
Big qualifiers at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and Arc System Works)
Big qualifiers at Super Tournament 2024 (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and Arc System Works)

The event went on for two days: June 8 and June 9. All of the finals were planned for Sunday, June 9.

Date and local time for the top 8
Start time in Central/West Europe
Start time in NA East and West
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
June 9, 11 a.m.
4 a.m.
June 8, 10 p.m. ET / June 8, 7 p.m. PT
Guilty Gear Strive
June 9, 2 p.m.
7 a.m.
1 a.m. ET / June 8, 10 p.m. PT
June 9, 5 p.m.
10 a.m.
4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT

The TEKKEN matches were streamed on the official channels:

A TEKKEN 8 Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier

Two top players from the TEKKEN 8 Super Tournament got an invite to the upcoming Esports World Cup 2024.

A list of TEKKEN 8 qualifiers for Esports World Cup 2024 (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)
A list of TEKKEN 8 qualifiers for Esports World Cup 2024 (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)

Super Tournament 2024: A TEKKEN World Tour 2024 Master event

The competition within the TEKKEN 8 World Tour general standings got more intense when we went deeper into the qualifier schedule.

  • Evo Japan 2024 (Master+) — Won by Chikurin
  • Paradise Game Battle 2024 — Won by Jodd
  • Combo Breaker 2024 — Won by AK
  • Battle Arena Melbourne 14 — Won by Chanel

Also, the competitive community had a few Challenger and Dojo qualifiers, including the most recent TEKKEN 8 tournament at DreamHack Dallas 2024.

The top 20 players from the TEKKEN World Tour 2024 standings will proceed to the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. The current list may change, as there are plenty of qualifiers in 2024. It is interesting to notice that seven players here are from South Korea.

Placement before Super Tournament 2024
Points before Super Tournament 2024
3LowHighSouth Korea965
4ChanelSouth Korea960
5Shadow 20zUSA895
8RangchuSouth Korea761
10Arslan AshPakistan695
13Fear of SilenceUSA535
14CBMSouth Korea520
15JeonDDingSouth Korea515
16kkokkomaSouth Korea515
17MulgoldSouth Korea450
19RaefSaudi Arabia435

Arc World Tour 2024 Gold: GGST and GBVS Rising

The Gold level of the AWT 2024 qualifier was certainly not a reason enough to travel from too far away. Still, some Japanese competitors decided to join the party with local players.

For example, Tyurara, who won both SSGT and GBVSR at BAM 2024, registered for Super Tournament.

Top Tekken players to watch out for

The hunt for TEKKEN World Tour 2024 standing points motivated many top players to participate in Super Tournament.

  • Knee — This legendary player is currently out of the top 20 in the TEKKEN World Tour standings. Knee may want to change this.
  • LowHigh — The player got many top placements, but hasn’t won a Master event so far.
  • JDCR — Some people in the TEKKEN community think that JDCR was robbed at Combo Breaker 2024. It’s another chance for the player to qualify for the Esports World Cup.
  • Mangja — This player recently signed a contract with Fnatic, so Mangja should be motivated to do his best.
  • Chikurin — Victory at Evo Japan is not a reason for the player to stop aiming for even more points.
  • Shadow 20z — The American player sure wants to strengthen his position in the global standings.
  • Danielmado — He is a talented Italian player with great potential to shine on the international stage.

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