The fighting games esports scene gets crowded with top-level organizations.

Park "Mangja" Geon-ho is now sponsored by Fnatic, and he will represent the esports brand during the Tekken World Tour events and the Esports World Cup 2024. This contract is another confirmation that the fighting games community (FGC) is filled with great opportunities for big organizations.

For Fnatic, Mangja (known also as Malgu) is the first step in Tekken esports. One more FGC player is already supported by Fnatic — Chris Wong, a Street Fighter competitor.

The official announcement about Mangja joining Fnatic was published via the official social account.

Also, Fnatic made a blogpost, explaining some details.

“We recently had the privilege to meet Mangja in his home country of South Korea, where we knew we had found the perfect player to join the Black and Orange. This collaboration allows us to support his journey forward as a professional and gives us a great opportunity to contribute to the Tekken scene and community, taking new steps towards fostering our fanbase in South Korea. We’re fired up to get to work alongside him, and even more fired up to see him in action.”


Fnatic | Mangja shared his excitement about this opportunity.

A tweet by Fnatic | Mangja
A tweet by Fnatic | Mangja

Mangja in Tekken 8

The player has proved himself as an exceptional competitor at many local Korean tournaments of the AfreecaTV TEKKEN League. With the release of Tekken 8, Mangja started shining even brighter, including on the international scene.
Before joinning Fnatic, Mangja participated at Tekken 8 Evo Japan 2024 and finished 4th, which is an impressive achievement itself. And also, thanks to this placement, the player qualified for the Esports World Cup 2024.

Fnatic in fighting games esports

The esports organization is present in many disciplines, and it’s great to see Fnatic supporting the fighting games community. At the beginning of May 2024, the brand signed Wong "Chris Wong" Yuk-cheung and thus joined Street Fighter 6 esports.

If you take a look at the results of some recent tournaments, like Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 at DreamHack Dallas, it’s easy to notice that most players in the top 8 are sponsored by big organizations. This is surely a win/win situation, as the players have a chance to train and participate in many events, and the brands are present in one of the most dedicated esports communities. Fnatic | Chris Wong finished 5th-6th at DreamHack Dallas and also qualified for the Esports World Cup 2024.

We will follow the results of Fnatic | Mangja with great interest! Stick around on for everything important from the world of fighting games.