Hanya’s sister, Xueyi, is coming in version 1.6 release. Here’s Xueyi’s kit which includes Weakness break for all elements?! OP for a 4-star.

Xueyi is coming to Honkai Star Rail as a playable character in version 1.6, leading to a new surge of curiosity around Xueyi kit and abilities. MiHoYo have confirmed that Xueyi will be a 4-star Quantum character on the Path of Destruction.

While Xueyi's sister Hanya - released in version 1.5 - is in charge of interrogation in the Ten-Lords Commission, Xueyi handles punishment. Xueyi "tirelessly tracks down wanted criminals and subdues them", according to MiHoYo's official post about the upcoming character. Quite the pair of siblings.

Xueyi Abilities

Xueyi's expected kit in Honkai Star Rail were leaked back in May 2023 by prolific leaker Mero on Reddit. The leaked abilities to match up with the lore MiHoYo shared for Xueyi, that she is responsible for punishment.

Xueyi's talent lets her build up charges of "Vendetta". After she has six charges she will launch a bonus attack that deals three instances of DMG, which is increased if the enemy's weakness is Quantum. Xueyi's Skill DMG scales with her ATK stat and deals AoE damage making her, on paper, a very exciting prospect for Honkai Star Rail players.

Xueyi in her character trailer (Image credit: MiHoYo)
Xueyi in her character trailer (Image credit: MiHoYo)

Xueyi Kit in Honkai Star Rail

Xueyi will become only the sixth Quantum element character in Honkai Star Rail. Her kit has been confirmed and much like Ruan Mei, specialises in Weakness Break. Xueyi's ultimate Divine Castigation can break Weaknesses irrespective of element type, making her a versatile addition to your party.

  • Xueyi's Skill: Xueyi deals Quantum DMG to a specific enemy equal to 150% of her ATK, and to nearby enemies equal to 60% of her ATK.
  • Xueyi's Talent: When Xueyi deals tenacity [Weakness Break] damage to an enemy, she gains up to 6 layers of "Karma" When it reaches the maximum, Xueyi immediately launches an additional attack against the enemy, dealing three instances of Quantum damage to a random enemy equal to 93% of her attack. If the target's weak point is Quantum damage, the damage dealt by this attack will be increased by 28%.
  • Xueyi's Ultimate: Xueyi deals Quantum DMG equal to 342% of her attack to a specific enemy, which can ignore the enemy's weak points and reduce their tenacity [Weakness Break]. Each layer of Karma [talent] obtained during the attack increases the DMG dealt by 19%, up to a maximum increase of 76%.
  • Xueyi's Technique: Xueyi immediately attacks a random enemy, dealing Quantum damage equal to 80% of her attack to all enemies after entering battle.
Xueyi during her ultimate (Image Credit: MiHoYo)
Xueyi during her ultimate (Image Credit: MiHoYo)

When will Xueyi be released?

Xueyi will be released in Phase 1 of version 1.6 in the next banner for Honkai Star Rail. Version 1.6 will be released on December 27, and run for 3 weeks.

Characters released in version 1.4 and 1.5
Xueyi appeared as an NPC for the first time in version 1.3
Xueyi appeared as an NPC for the first time in version 1.3

Xueyi is Hanya's sister

As we covered in more detail in our piece on Hanya, Xueyi is her younger sister. Xueyi already appears both in-game as an NPC and on two different Light Cones. As we predicted in version 1.4 with the announcement of Hanya, Xueyi's intricate character design and involvement in the main story made it inevitable she would be an upcoming character.