Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2 is arriving on August 30th with some exciting and new features!

These include Hearthstone Battlegrounds Quests, the game mode’s own rewards track plus hero skins and boards.

All About Hearthstone Battlegrounds Quests

The new season of Hearthstone Battlegrounds will feature Quests as a limited-time event. The event gives the player a quest challenge on their fourth turn, which can be completed to receive a reward for the remainder of the match, according to the press release. No game will be alike as the quest and reward pairings will be random. 

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Quests. At the start of turn four, players will be offered three random quest and reward pairs from which to choose
At the start of turn four, players will be offered three random quest and reward pairs from which to choose. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Additionally, 11 new minions will join the fray alongside new heroes Sire Denathrius and Murloc Holmes. These two heroes refer to prominent characters featured in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track 

Next, the game mode will have its own Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track, allowing players to earn a bunch of in-game cosmetic items. These include emotes, strikes and more. Progression on the Battlegrounds Track will require players to earn experience points from winning games and completing missions. 

As for the Battlegrounds Season Pass, it will be available via Runestones, which will be a new virtual currency for the game. The pass will unlock two more hero choices plus premium rewards on the track.

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track
The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

More Cosmetics and the Magic of Azeroth

A new set of cosmetics will be featured in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2, and they will be based on the theme of magic. To save the Magic of Azeroth, allies and the Guardians of Azeroth must awaken the power within themselves and fight against the Dark Flight on an alternate timeline. 

Players will also get to shine with new legendary hero skins and boards. These cosmetic items will have new voice lines and animations. 

That’s all for now, but for more Hearthstone content, stay tuned on Esports.gg for news and updates!

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