A Murloc Holmes guide to master the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion iconic Hearthstone legendary cover image

A Murloc Holmes guide to master the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion iconic Hearthstone legendary

Murloc Holmes is a unique Hearthstone card. Learn how to solve Murder at Castle Nathria mysteries as a true detective!

Murder at Castle Natrhria Hearthstone expansion presents us with a legendary hero, Murloc Holmes. This unique card will present you with the challenge of solving clues to get extra resources. How does Murloc Holmes actually work in Hearthstone? Become a true detective with this Esports.gg guide.

<strong>Murloc Holmes<br></strong><em>When you have eliminated the imfroggable, whatever remains, however uncroakable, must be the truth.</em>
Murloc Holmes
When you have eliminated the imfroggable, whatever remains, however uncroakable, must be the truth.

Murloc Holmes and the Murder at Castle Nathria

Murder at Castle Nathria, the latest Hearthstone expansion, brings many mysteries for Murloc Holmes to solve. Sire Denathrius's death is just the first one of them. The Murloc Holmes legendary minion will present you with a different puzzle to solve each time you play it.

Hearthstone players will need to speculate, use the information available to them and their intuition the same way Murloc Holmes does to solve what happened at Castle Nathria. Upon playing it, Murloc Holmes gives Hearthstone players three questions about their opponent's cards

The talented detective will help you along the way, giving you clues, and among them lies the answer. These are the three questions:

  • 1- Which card was in your opponent’s starting hand?
  • 2- Which card is in your opponent’s hand?
  • 3- Which card is in your opponent’s deck?

Nail the three questions, and you will get copies of the three cards you guessed. Miss one, and you would have failed as a detective and will get just a Spider Tank on board (good stats for its cost, though).

Master Murloc Holmes and become a Hearthstone detective

So, we know how it works, now it’s time to learn how to make the most out of it. Let’s set some ground rules to have a better chance when guessing our opponents’ cards.

Murloc Holmes First Clue
Murloc Holmes First Clue

For the first stage, it’s key that you pay close attention to your opponents’ mulligan. It is likely that by the time you play Murloc Holmes, your opponent has used some of the cards they kept in their starting hand. 

After correctly answering the first clue, you will need to guess which card is currently in your opponent’s hand. You can narrow down this selection process and make an educated guess.

Secon Murlo Holmes clue
Secon Murlo Holmes clue

Try to think which cards can not possibly be included in the archetype your opponent is playing. Knowing which cards have been played already and estimating which would likely be stuck there will also help. 

What happens with Murloc Holmes if your opponent doesn’t have any cards? Hearthstone will skip this second stage, and you will get 2 cards (instead of three) if you guess the other Murloc Homles clues.

Last Clue
Last Clue

After solving the first two clues, players will face one final challenge. While guessing which card is in your opponent’s deck might seem simple, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Hearthstone will try to trick Murloc Holmes and the players. 

Decklists are fairly standard once you realize what your opponent is playing. However, if the card is in your opponent's hand at the time you are guessing, that will be a miss. For this third stage, only the card remaining in the deck count for the correct answer.

Elemental Watfin

A final tip. If you are playing Murloc Holmes, make sure you use a Hearthstone tracker app. The information they provide will make your work easier. After all, it’s only fair to have your own Dr. Watfin when trying to solve a mystery.


Murloc Holmes presents a unique challenge to Hearthstone players. The benefits you can rip off this card are potentially incredible. However, there are some cons to consider. Murloc Holmes only fits into value-oriented decks, and moreover, Hearthstone has so many synergies right now that some of the cards you get might be useless.

On the other hand, the flavor Murloc Holmes brings to Murder at Castle Nathria expansion and to Hearthstone as a whole is just incredible. Props to the design team for bringing another unique card to the game.

This is all for now but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time at Castle Natrhia