Wild Hearthstone Decks for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion recommended by GetMeowth cover image

Wild Hearthstone Decks for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion recommended by GetMeowth

Wild Hearthstone fans, we present you with 5 decks to try on Murder at Castle Nathria week 1. They have the GetMeowth seal of approval!

Murder at Castle Nathria expansion arrived, and with it, the Hearthstone metagame changed drastically, not only in standard but in wild too. That is why today we will present you 5 Wild decks to test new expansion synergies recommended by Hearthstone Wild player GetMeowth.

GetMeowth  Wild Decks for Murder at Castle Nathria Hearthstone Expansion

The Hearthstone Wild streamer GetMoewth shared five deck options to experiment in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion. While these are just a first glance and might still need refinement, they were decks good enough to hit legend with. 

Wild Imp Zoolock Hearthstone Deck 

It is no secret that Imp King Rafaam is a busted card in standard, but it seems he doesn’t stop there. The new Imp support from Castle Nathria expansion is giving life once again to one of Hearthstone’s oldest deck archetypes, zoo!


This Wild deck mixes discard and Imp synergies to present threatening boards while cycling cards looking for finishers. With the Vile Library, any minion left unattended by your opponent can become a gigantic threat.

Wild Miracle Rogue

This Wild version of Miracle Rogue revolves around the Necrolord Draka legendary. Having access to the full card collection, Clark’s dream of an APM OTK Rogue deck might be real in Wild. The deck is not suitable for boomers like me!

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Beast Hunter

There are three inevitable things in life: Death, Taxes and Aggressive Hunter decks. Once again Rexxar and his beasts make a comeback. This Wild Hearthstone deck relies on beast synergies and constant pressure to secure a quick win. 


With the 2 Mana Starving Buzzard and an army of cheap beats, you will never run out of cards. And if you want to keep developing the board without over-extending, Wild Spirits and Ara’lon have you covered with the new “Wild Seeds”.

Good (but boring) Wild Hearthstone Decks

If you are into Wild but didn’t have the chance to open many new packs. Or if you just like winning, these next two decks might be the trick. They are established high-power archetypes, but they only run one or two new cards.

Wild Shudderwock Shaman deck, featuring Hearthstone’s new character, Sire Denathrius

With claws that catch and jaws that bite, Shudderwock Shaman tries to go crazy infinite damage adding Denathrius’ powerful Battlecry. There is no amount of armor that can tank this deck. Moreover, Macaw also copies Denathrius Battlecry, doing full damage!


Wild Pirate Rogue deck, featuring Hearthstone’s new card type, Locations

All aboard, this old ship is about to set sails. Pirate rogue has an amazing damage output, and with Rogue’s efficient draw engine, it is hard to run out of cards before killing your opponent. With so many cheap minions dying, it makes sense to include Doors of Shadows for some extra draw and fuel when the card is infused!

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Who is GetMeowth?

GetMeowth is a Hearthstone streamer that focuses on Wild content. He streams regularly on Twitch and his content is both entertaining and educational. GetMeowth was part of the Hearthstone Wild Theorycraft event for Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, so you could say that he had some extra time to feel the meta that is coming.

Feel free to check his streams, YouTube channel or Twitter for more Hearthstone Wild decks suggestions. He has been #1 Legend in Wild, so I guess we can trust his gut.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and guides. See you next time at Castle Nathria.