The next Hearthstone updates bring content for every game mode and new in-game features. Check the 24.0 patch note with

Hearthstone 24.0 patch arrives on Tuesday 26 in preparation for the Murder at Castle Natrhia expansion. While the highlights might be focusing on the constructed game mode, this update brings news for everyone! Let’s go over the 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes and unravel its secrets!

Hearthstone updates with Patch 24.0

Murder at Castle Natrhia patch, on top of the brand new 135 cards and mechanics, will bring a plethora of updates for other game modes. Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels and Arena will see new content and changes. Furthermore, Hearthstone is releasing a new set of game features and fixes.

What’s new in Battlegrounds?

The 24.0 Hearthstone patch comes with new content for Battlegrounds. While this is not a major update, we do have interesting things to highlight. The first of them is the brand new set of emotes!

New Hearthstone Battlegrounds emotes 24.0 patch notes
New Hearthstone Battlegrounds emotes

Until now, Battlegrounds emotes were only available for players with Perks. However, the 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes state that they will become free for all once the update hits.

The new special Mystery Mayhem Battlegrounds Emotes will introduce Murder at Castle Natrhia themed reactions to Battlegrounds. The set will be available on August 9th but bear in mind that this set of emotes won’t be free.

Regarding gameplay content, the 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes reveal that we will be getting the new Heistbaron Togwaggle Hero to commit “The Perfect Crime”. The new hero power might be game-breaking. Imagine buying an entire tavern at the cost of 3 minions, or even less!

Heistbaron Togwaggle New Battlegrounds Hero
Heistbaron Togwaggle
The Perfect Crime[9 Gold] Steal all minions in Bob’s Tavern. Each turn, your next Hero Power costs (1) less.
Dev Comment: At the end of each Recruit phase, the cost of your next Hero Power will reduce by 1 automatically. Each time you use Togwaggle’s Hero Power, its cost resets to the original 9 Gold cost and starts the cycle over again.

Moreover, there are some dragon redesigns coming with the Hearthstone 24.0 patch. The underwhelming Red Whelp will see an attack buff, while the problematic Evolving Chromawing will return to the tavern.

Red Whelp
Red Whelp
Old: 1 Attack, 2 Health → New: 2 Attack, 2 Health
Evolving Chromawing returning to Hearthstone Battlegrounds 24.0 Patch Notes
Evolving Chromawing [Tavern Tier 1, Dragon]
1 Attack, 1 Health. After you Upgrade your Tavern Tier, gain +1/+1 for each friendly Dragon.

Hearthstone Mercenaries 24.0 patch notes

New Mercenaries Limited-Time Event: C’Thun
New Mercenaries Limited-Time Event: C’Thun

Hearthstone’s latest game mode will see new Mercenaries coming to the Village and a special event to celebrate. Old Gods have awakened and C’Thun will begin an assault on the village on August 16th. Prepare yourself to overcome 10 special Tasks centered around the Old God C’Thun to unlock the new C’Thun mercenary, with portraits and coins for upgrades. Rally your Dragons and protectors, they will be key in this battle!

Sir Finley will also be joining the Mercenaries ranks, according to Hearthstone 24.0 patch notes. The Murloc character will be available for free in the rewards track.

C’Thun (Legendary Fighter)
C’Thun (Legendary Fighter)
Old God
10/85 Maxed Stats
Sir Finley (Epic Protector)
Sir Finley (Epic Protector)
11/78 Maxed Stats

Alongside the new Mercenaries, there will be a ton of stats updates. Make sure you check out the 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes for detailed information.

Duels will no longer have locked Hero Powers or Treasures

Starting tomorrow, Duels players will enjoy no limitations when selecting Hero Powers and Treasures. There will be no more locked content for the game mode after what Matt London calls the “most important update ever” for Duels.

On top of this amazing news, Hearthstone is introducing a new Duels Hero with patch 24.0, Darius Crowley. Moreover, several cards will see balance changes! Check out the 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes to see all the nerfs and buffs coming to Duels!

Darius Crowley new Duels Hero Hearthstone Patch notes
Darius Crowley new Duels Hero

Arena Rotation

Once more, Arena sets will rotate to create a new metagame in one of Hearthstone’s oldest game modes. Hearthstone 24.0 patch notes specify that on August 2nd, the available sets for Arena will be:

  • Core
  • One Night in Karazhan
  • Saviors of Uldum
  • Rastakahn’s Rumble
  • Scholomance Academy
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
  • Murder at Castle Nathria

Remember that you can win a free Arena ticket by leaving an unfinished run prior to the set rotation. You will be able to claim the rewards corresponding to the number of wins you got and will get a free entrance on top of that!

New Hearthstone Features with patch 24.0

The Hearthstone team has repeatedly said that 2022 will be a year of improving what we already have, and the 24.0 patch notes bring some news in that area. Much-awaited features will be available tomorrow for players to enjoy. Furthermore, the update brings important bug fixes to the game. These are the most relevant ones:

  • Multiple Hero portraits selection
  • Random Hero Skins
  • Free decks are no longer limited to once per account
  • You can now hold down the Spacebar to continuously open packs
  • Fixed a bug where if you attack a minion and then play Multi-Strike, you are unable to then attack the enemy hero
  • Fixed a Duels bug preventing deck codes from working with Neutral heroes

The next Hearthstone expansion will be a celebration no matter which game mode you like to play. You just need to make sure you know all the facts before jumping to conclusions, so if you still have any questions, feel free to check the full 24.0 Hearthstone patch notes in the official blog.

That is all for now but stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time at Castle Natrhia.


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