After weeks of waiting, the 24.2.2 Hearthstone patch notes are finally out. The update brings 7 nerfs aiming to correct the current Meta.

Hearthstone 24.2.2 patch notes are finally out. The much-awaited update brings 7 nerfs and 2 buffs to correct the current state of the game. While most Hearthstone players expected patch notes for Thursday, Labor Day got in the way and everything got delayed. Let's go over the changes that will happen today.

10/13 Update: Hearthstone released the 24.4.3 patch notes today. Read all about them in this article.

Hearthstone 24.2.2 Patch Notes: Nerfs

With the focus on having a more stable and diverse meta, the Hearthstone team is introducing 7 nerfs and 2 buffs with the 24.2.2 patch. The following changes are just a first step, and the team does not discard further changes once the meta settles, according to the official blog post.

The first of these nerfs goes to Guff, Druid's most powerful class. In the comments, Devs mention that "Guff was the clear power outlier for the deck, so a change to Guff was the highest confidence change we could make". However, they intend the card to stay relevant and playable, but with a cost for ramping.

Wildheart Guff - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: Battlecry granted full mana crystals.<br><strong>New: Battlecry grant empty mana crystals.</strong>
Wildheart Guff - Image via Blizzard
Old: Battlecry granted full mana crystals.
New: Battlecry grant empty mana crystals.
Nurture Wildheart Guff's Hero Power - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: Hero Power granted full mana crystals.<br><strong>New: Hero Power grant empty mana crystals.</strong>
Nurture Wildheart Guff's Hero Power - Image via Blizzard
Old: Hero Power granted full mana crystals.
New: Hero Power grant empty mana crystals.

The next stop for nerf train is Mage, one of the most dominant classes since the last patch. The 24.2.2 Hearthstone patch notes aim to slow down the inevitability of Arcane Burst, Dawngrasp's Hero Power. Furthermore, the team detected Nightcloak Sanctum to be too strong and frustrating to play against, and they also toned down its power.

Arcane Burst (Magister Dawngrasp’s Hero Power) - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: Deal 2 damage. Honorable Kill: Gain +2 damage.<br><strong>New: Deal 2 damage. Honorable Kill: Gain +1 damage.</strong>
Arcane Burst (Magister Dawngrasp’s Hero Power) - Image via Blizzard
Old: Deal 2 damage. Honorable Kill: Gain +2 damage.
New: Deal 2 damage. Honorable Kill: Gain +1 damage.
Nightcloak Sanctum - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: 3 Durability<br><strong>New: 2 Durability</strong>
Nightcloak Sanctum - Image via Blizzard
Old: 3 Durability
New: 2 Durability

"These two standout cards were the most obvious targets for tuning down the deck’s power level, and should also make the class less frustrating to play against in the mid and late game."

Dev's comment on Mage changes

Expected and unexpected

There was no doubt Van Cleef was broken at 3 Mana, the prior buff was a surprise, but this nerf is not. What is something unexpected is the nerf to the Hunter Questline Defend the Dwarven District. Taking into consideration the player's sentiments, and anticipating the future power level of the archetype after the 24.2.2 Hearthstone patch.

Edwin, Defias Kingpin - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: [Costs 3] 3 Attack, 3 Health<br><strong>New: [Costs 4] 4 Attack, 4 Health</strong>
Edwin, Defias Kingpin - Image via Blizzard
Old: [Costs 3] 3 Attack, 3 Health
New: [Costs 4] 4 Attack, 4 Health
Defend the Dwarven District (the first stage of the Hunter Questline) - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: Deal damage with 2 spells.<br><strong>New: Deal damage with 3 spells.</strong>
Defend the Dwarven District (the first stage of the Hunter Questline) - Image via Blizzard
Old: Deal damage with 2 spells.
New: Deal damage with 3 spells.

Neutral nerfs

A huge surprise to everyone is that the 24.2.2 patch notes didn't mention Theotar, probably Hearthstone's most hated card at the moment. The balance team mentioned that they were considerating changes to it. It seems they chose not to nerf Theotar can you all hear the outrage on Twitter already?

Aleco explained why the team decided against Theotar changes on Twitter. They wanted to make high confidence changes, and they also expected the other nerfs to turn Theotar less relevant than what it is today.

The neutral cards nerfed in Patch 24.2.2 are two Hearthstone staples, Starfish and Kael'thas. Starfish was a too popular card and it pushed some archetypes out of the meta. Kael'thas, on the other hand, enabled the frustrating combo of Brann + Denathrius. These two changes will try to help tone things down, without touching Denathrius.

Kael’thas Sinstrider - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: [Costs 6]<br><strong>New: [Costs 8]</strong>
Kael’thas Sinstrider - Image via Blizzard
Old: [Costs 6]
New: [Costs 8]
Smothering Starfish - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: [Costs 3]<br><strong>New: [Costs 4]</strong>
Smothering Starfish - Image via Blizzard
Old: [Costs 3]
New: [Costs 4]

Remember that the above Hearthstone cards will be eligible for a full dust refund for two weeks following Patch 24.2.2.

Make Paladin great again, or not

The 24.2.2 Hearthstone patch also brings two buffs, and before we make fun of the state of any class, let's go over the dev comment in the notes. Paladin is getting Alliance Bannerman buffed, and while this will not solve any of its problems, devs have a point for the class' current state.

"Dev Comment: When we buff cards in underperforming classes, we rarely do it with the goal of immediately shooting the class to a 50% plus winrate. Our goal is to make the game more fun, something we can accomplish by bringing the class up to a level where players feel like there is something worth exploring."

On top of this buff reversion, School Teacher will also see a small buff, reverting the original nerf. Maybe 4-4 it's the sweet spot.

Alliance Bannerman - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: 2 Attack, 1 Health<br><strong>New: 2 Attack, 2 Health</strong>
Alliance Bannerman - Image via Blizzard
Old: 2 Attack, 1 Health
New: 2 Attack, 2 Health
School Teacher - Image via Blizzard<br>Old: 4 Attack, 3 Health<br><strong>New: 4 Attack, 4 Health</strong>
School Teacher - Image via Blizzard
Old: 4 Attack, 3 Health
New: 4 Attack, 4 Health

Players' anxiety and the chronology of Hearthstone Patch 24.2.2

Players' anxiety levels have been off the charts ever since Aleco, part of Hearthstone final design team, teased that the team was locking in the nerfs on September 2nd. Many misunderstood the message and thought that the Hearthstone balance team would release info about the patch that same Friday. Time proved them wrong.

With no news on Friday and most Hearthstone patches hitting on Tuesdays, players once again expected to have some news by the beginning of this week. While everyone was getting their coffee memes ready, DeckTech responded that Patch notes wouldn't be coming for at least a couple of days. Would Thursday be the day?

Once again, players gathered around the coffee machine on Thursday, another typical day for Hearthstone patches. However, DeckTech was nowhere to be seen. Cornered on Twitter, he revealed an unwanted truth. With Monday being a holiday, patch notes were delayed for Friday. The patch itself was later confirmed to be hitting that same Friday.

A happy ending? Well, that depends on how the Hearthstone 24.2.2 patch nerfs and buffs address the current problems in the game. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.