Hearthstone will unlock every Treasure and Hero Power in the next update. Darius Crowley is joining the Duels ranks too!

This weekend Zeddy made a huge reveal for Hearthstone Duels. Similar to standard card reveals, he made an exclusive announcement about what is coming for Duels mode in the next big patch. Darius Crowley will be making an entrance to Duels, but what else is coming with the next Hearthstone expansion?

No more Hearthstone Duels Locked content!

Zeddy revealed to us the Duels news for the Hearthstone 24.0 update, and they are amazing. Starting on August 2nd, when Murder at Castle Natrhia launches, Hearthstone Duels players will enjoy all the Heroes’ Powers and Treasures without the need to unlock them.

Matt London, Modes Design Lead, went on social media to hype the next Duels update. Amplifying Zeddy’s reveal, Matt added his take on what’s coming for the game mode:

“Duels is getting its most important update ever. ALL powers, ALL treasures, for ALL heroes, will be unlocked in 24.0. So be sure to jump in and play some Duels!”

Lifting the barriers for Treasures and Powers will help new and returning players to have a better playing experience in the mode. The fact that this is aligned with the next Murder at Castle Nathria expansion is not a coincidence. Expansions are when Hearthstone gets more players than ever, and showing that they are lowering “pay-walls” is a good sign.

Darius, Duels new Hero

On top of unlocked Treasures and Powers, Hearthstone Duels is also receiving new content. Zeddy presented the Duels new Hero with a reveal video themed as a mystery to follow the narrative from Hearthstone’s new expansion Murder at Castle Natrhia.

The Cannoneer Darius is a Warrior Hero for Hearthstone Duels with a unique characteristic: it will start with a Cannon on board. This special unit will take a space from the board and won’t be able to attack, but your opponent will not be able to remove it either. When Darius Cannon fires, it will deal damage to whatever enemy is in front of it. Positioning will become more important than ever.

Darius Crowley new Hearthstone Duels Hero
Darius Crowley new Duels Hero
Darius Crowley Cannon Hearthstone Duels
Darius Crowley Cannon

Darius, as every Hearthstone Duels Hero, will have three highly synergistic Hero Powers for players to choose from. Furthermore, six signature treasures will be available to tailor your deck and look for those 12-win runs.

Darius Hero Powers Hearthstone Duels
Darius Hero Powers

Signature Treasures
Darius Signature Treasures

Signature Treasures
Darius Signature Treasures

While we are still waiting on the official 24.0 Hearthstone Patch notes, the Duels community is already hyped with what is coming to the game mode. Hearthstone is putting more resources and a dedicated team to update and improve. Those efforts, combined with lowering the monetization restrictions, should serve as good incentives for players to get into Duels!

That is all for now, but stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates.

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