Hearthstone 23.6 Patch notes, prepare for the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion by getting a Free Legendary today cover image

Hearthstone 23.6 Patch notes, prepare for the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion by getting a Free Legendary today

The latest Hearthstone patch brings us the new Murder at Castle Nathria expansion as well as Battlegrounds updates and more!

Hearthstone is full throttle, today, alongside the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, the 23.6 patch notes were released. In preparation for the next Hearthstone expansion, the patch brings Murder at Castle Natrhia bundles. Furthermore, the patch brings many updates to Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Arena and special events!

Murder at Castle Nathria expansion Bundles

Today, and until the Hearthstone expansion launch, players can buy the Murder at Castle Nathria pre-order bundles. The second expansion for 2022 goes live on August 2, and we have extensive coverage in Esports.gg to explain all the new cards and mechanics.

The expansion Murder at Castle Natrhai includes 135 Hearthstone cards themed around the murder mystery and the 10 guests at the center of it. There are two pre-order bundles as usual: a mega bundle for $79.99 and a regular bundle for $49.99.

Note that this time the Mega Bundle does not include Battlegrounds perks. However, the Blizzard says that they are working on Perks and Rewards for the next Battlegrounds season. On the positive side, this means that current perks are being extended until then.

Free Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary: Prince Renathal

Logging in today, you can get the free Prince Renathal Murder at Castle Nathria legendary card. Despite this card being from the next Hearthstone expansion, it will be playable today with the 23.6 patch.

This card completely changes the game. In an interview with Esports.gg, Lead Designer Live Breeden said: “I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to get 40-card decks in for a little while (...) But final design is like, ‘that’s just a bad card, nobody’s gonna play it.’” For the hope of all the aggro fans, let's hope that Final Design is right since the card is eligible for the next Masters Tour event!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds updates with patch 23.6

During the weekend in Lobby Legends Eternal Night tournament, we saw that new minions and a new hero were entering the tavern. However, that’s not all. With Hearthstone patch 23.6, Darkmoon Prizes are back until the next Battlegrounds season.

Darkmoon prizes will appear in 25% of the games. Many players claim that it will help the game to have variety. The 23.6 Hearthstone patch notes also state that several Darkmoon prizes have been balanced since their last appearance.

As we saw during the weekend, Lady Vashj enters the Tavern to further support Nagas. With her, 9 new minions will make an appearance. Furthermore, several balance changes are hitting Hearthstone Battlegrounds with patch 23.6. Check out the official blog post for all the details.

Lady Vashj - New Battlegrounds Hero
Lady Vashj - New Battlegrounds Hero

Arena Updates with 23.6 Hearthstone patch

With the 23.6 Hearthstone patch Arena will see a set rotation. This means that Hearthstone will retire ongoing runs, granting a free ticket and the prizes to the level of current wins. The sets that will make up the Arena card pool will be:

  • Core
  • The Boomsday Project
  • Descent of Dragons
  • Forged in the Barrens
  • United in Stormwind
  • Fractured in Alterac Valley
  • Voyage to the Sunken City
  • Taverns of Time

On top of this, the Taverns of Time event returns to Arena. This Arena-only set will be returning to the game mode with many buffs to shift the current game’s state. According to the 23.6 patch, 28 Hearthstone cards have been adjusted. As always, Matt London breaks the details for us!

Fire Festival and New Features

As this wasn’t enough, the 23.6 Hearthstone patch brings more news. Starting on June 30th, the special Fire Festival event will bring a chain of seven Legendary Quests! Players who complete them can earn up to 5 packs, a Battlegrounds hero skin and a Warrior hero skin.

Hearthstone Fire Festival
Hearthstone Fire Festival

Furthermore, players will be able to enjoy some of the promised new features. Starting today, “Recent player” capabilities will be expanded and improved in the friends list. Furthermore, Blizzard says that an in-game player-reporting button will soon be added to the friend list menu too.

I know that this is a lot of information to take in one sit. But we have a new Hearthstone expansion, and Murder at Castle Nathria brings a plethora of mysteries to solve. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in Castle Nathria.