Bugha, Avery and Nosh waste no time qualifying in NAE FNCS Week 1 cover image

Bugha, Avery and Nosh waste no time qualifying in NAE FNCS Week 1

Bugha returns to top form with his new trio of Avery and Nosh in NAE FNCS Week 1 Qualifier. Plus a surprise trio on top!

Bugha, Avery, and Nosh dominate the first half of NAE FNCS Week 1 Qualifier. Nut steals first place in the final match. Degen, Ajerss, and Skqttles return to form and qualify in the first week, once again. Overall, NAE produced a much-expected tournament over the weekend.

Nut, Eomzo, and Chukky prove more than a Cash Cup trio

Throughout the beginning of the season, Jose "33 Nut," "TNG Eomzo," and "TNG Chukky" performed incredibly well. The trio looked like a true contender in Cash Cups, DreamHack, and 3rd party tournaments. One question remained; could the trio translate into FNCS? This week they stamped a definitive answer, yes.

In FNCS Week 1, the trio continued the same formula that worked for them earlier this season. Nut shared, "For our preparation, we grinded scrims and every 3rd party event and tourneys we could play. We built our chemistry and everything." Nut, Eomzo, and Chukky practice playing the high ground and it paid off. In the third match, the trio took high ground. Then they popped off for an 11 elimination Victory Royale.

The lobby ended quickly as Eomzo and Nut sat in the safe area while the other trios fell to the storm. They continued their hot play. The trio consistently made the end game and managed to edge out the top spot by one point. Nut, Eomzo, and Chukky finished in 1st place overall and advanced to the FNCS Grand Finals.

Nut, Eomzo, and Chukky came close to playing with other players. After the tournament Nut said, "Chukky and I were a trio with Nosh the previous season, but he left for Bugha. Which is understandable. Chukky and I looked for an insane fragger and Eomzo fit that role perfectly." The change from Nosh to Eomzo appears to have helped the trio. Currently, they look like a favorite to win FNCS.

An incredible start brings Bugha back to FNCS Grand Finals

Kyle "SEN Bugha" Giersdorf, "C9 Nosh," and "C9 Avery" could not have asked for a better start to NAE FNCS Week 1 Qualifier. In the first four matches, the trio put together 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and 6th place, respectively. If the trio only played four matches, they still would have finished in 3rd place overall. That kind of play is unheard of in Fortnite. When asked what led to that start, Avery said, "We just played our game like usual and went in with the flow. We are always really confident in those finals custom lobbies." Any trio that can reel off matches like that will be scary in Grand Finals.

Now, the trio looks forward to FNCS Grand Finals after a 2nd place performance. Nosh and Avery qualified for Grand Finals last season with separate trios. Bugha missed out on qualification, but has an outstanding record in the Finals. The newly formed trio promises to compete for a title at the beginning of September.

Kings of the Week 1 qualification do it again

FS Degen,” “FS Ajerss,” and “skqttles” won the first week of the season last time around. This time, the trio dropped to 3rd place, but still gained a spot in Grand Finals. Degen, Ajerss, and Skqttles are the only trio in the top 3 that did not form this season. The three have played together since Frosty Frenzy. Their chemistry shows in their gameplay as they are perennial Grand Finalists.

During NAE FNCS Week 1, the trio wasted no time positioning themselves at the top of the leaderboard. They won the second match with a beautifully executed heal-off. With double Chug Cannon, Ajerss and Skqttles dipped back into the storm. They forced engagements between the remaining players while healing each other. The duo could have lasted another 10+ seconds in storm with their heals.

After two Top 10 Finals placements, this trio is poised to repeat. The past two seasons, Degen, Ajerss, and Skqttles have been one pop off match away from winning an FNCS. Now that they have already qualified, the trio has plenty of time to think about how to push themselves over the top.

NAE FNCS Week 1 Qualifier Standings

1. 33 nut ӝ, TNG Eomzo, TNG chukky 002.
2. C9 nosh, SEN BUGHADORF, C9 Avery.
3. FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles
4. BBG KREMON 002, BBG Bucke, NRG СІіх.
5. EL pgod ℵ, TNG Peterbot, TNG Tkay.
6. coldreyli7, ELITXE7, Cryp VI.
7. danny bad bloom, ag bowlcuttyler, vanish river.
8. TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V.
9. Reducs, TwixSon 7, AG Chubs.
10. DeRoller., K2G Speguu, strawhat charlie.

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