Benjyfishy qualifies, but Aqua and TaySon steal the show in EU FNCS Week 1 cover image

Benjyfishy qualifies, but Aqua and TaySon steal the show in EU FNCS Week 1

Benjyfishy, Aqua, Noahreyli, Hen, TaySon and more headline the first week of Chapter 2 Season 7 FNCS Qualifiers.

After many people doubted Benjyfishy's trio, they took first place in EU FNCS Week 1 Qualifier. TaySon did what TaySon does as he clutched a 4v1 for the win. The much-anticipated return of Aqua delivers with a 2nd place finish. Finally, the best team in Europe makes quick work of qualifiers and advances to Grand Finals.

Former World Cup Champion, Aqua, sees triumphant return with classic height plays

David "aqua" Wang might be the most unlucky player in Fortnite over the past year. He took some time off to recover from an injury and reignite his passion for Fortnite. In his first season back, Aqua received a disqualification for an intentional disconnect, no longer a bannable offense. The following season, Epic Games disqualified one of his teammates, Veno, for purchasing his account. One of the best Fortnite players of all time has yet to participate in a full season for months. Aqua's return to FNCS gave the community nostalgic feelings.

Aqua's teammates, Alexander "Wave Vadeal" Schlik and Noah "BL Noahreyli" Rey, are also perennial Grand Finals qualifiers. The two split with Rezon after back-to-back Top 5 finishes. Now, the star-studded trio of Aqua, Vadeal, and Noahreyli looks to win it all. In Week 1, the trio won two matches. Their first win came in classic Aqua fashion.

Known for his high ground plays, Aqua shows he still has it. Noahreyli pushed up on the front side of the zone with a single ramp. Then Aqua and Vadeal chopped out the rest of the lobby. Noahreyli distracted players and forced them higher up. Aqua delivered the final shot to drop down five different players and wiped out Benjy's entire trio.

Benjyfishy surprises with a statement performance in EU FNCS Week 1

Rarely can Benjy "NRG Benjyfishy" David Fish be called an underdog. Heading into this FNCS, Benjy, "Wave Joe", and Fin "LootBoy Shadow" Hawkins lacked a great performance. The newly formed trio had a top placement of 13th in a Trio Cash Cup. Nothing screamed "First place in Week 1." Regardless, the trio stuck together and clearly displayed promise.

In Week 1, the trio did everything but win a match. Out of all 33 trios, Benjy, Joe, and Shadow stood out as the most consistent. They finished inside of the Top 10 in every match besides one. Not only did the trio place well, but also dropped the most eliminations with 38. Simply put, they were unstoppable on Sunday.

Consistency and a big popoff in the third match, lead the trio to 1st place overall. The community expected little from this trio, especially this early into FNCS. Benjy and co. delivered big time. A statement was made, "Do not doubt Benjy, Joe, and Shadow." Their eyes now look forward to the FNCS Grand Finals.

TaySon clutches Game 5 with spectacular 4v1

Tai "Guild TaySon" Starčič needs no introductions. He currently stands as the top player in Europe. Yet again, he entered this season with a new trio. TaySon plays with "Glorious Veno" and "Rezon." The trio projects to finish at the top of the leaderboard come FNCS Grand Finals. First, they need to qualify for Grand Finals. This week, TaySon, Veno, and Rezon fell just short, but TaySon gave viewers a flash of just how good he is.

TaySon took down four players and retook the high ground with an assist from Veno. His effort is nothing short of spectacular. For TaySon, these plays have become regular. Luckily for viewers, TaySon's trio ended in 4th place. Therefore, they will play again next week and provide more clips like this.

EU FNCS Week 1 Qualifier Standings

1. Wave Joe, NRG benjуfishу, LootBoy Shadоw.
2. WAVE HIGHGROUND, BL 이백삼, аlways on height.
3. GUILD Henchman, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74
4. solo veno, Falcon TaySon 7, rezonyache32.
5. LootBoy Fastroki, karmafnr 002, ALOFT Voidd.
6. KPI Kiujy, Vodafone Lolito, Ignasi Horno.
7. FIVE kkwt, TQ Sеrenexo, FIVE purd1ales.
8. Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn.
9. Lίquid mίtr0, OVА x8, fnatic crriya.
10. BL Raifla, EP SAЕVID, PW AstroSMZ.

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