Pop star Ariana Grande is the next big entertainment star to hit Epic Games’ Battle Royale game Fortnite as part of the Fortnite Rift Tour. The “Positions” singer will hold five concerts with rewards available to attendees.

"We recommend fans arrive in Fortnite 60 minutes before showtime"

Epic Games have unveiled Fortnite Rift Tour, a series of five live concert that will see Ariana Grande arrive in Fortnite. The developers are dubbing it a "musical experience unlike any other". As usual with these concerts and events, it's key to get a space early as sometimes servers can full up. For Ariana Grande, Epic Games are advising to get online an entire hour before it starts.

"We recommend fans arrive in Fortnite 60 minutes before showtime, and the Rift Tour Playlist should be live 30 minutes before each show," said Epic Games. "Before Ariana’s arrival, the Rift Tour kicks off with Fortnite-themed experiences -- pairing popular tracks with moments based on elements from the game."

The Travis Scott concert in Chapter 2 Season 2 was a huge success
The Travis Scott concert in Chapter 2 Season 2 was a huge success

Not the first concert, but likely the biggest

This is not the first live concert that Epic Games have run. The most recent was by Travis Scott, who delivered a 15 minute set following a pre-show. Travis Scott's Astronomical concert was a success, and the rapper was the biggest name in the music industry to grace the game... until now.

The upcoming concert is not a complete surprise, as plans for an Ariana Grande concert were revealed in the Apple vs Epic case documents back in May 2021, with Lady Gaga and J Balvin two other names mentioned (page 30).

Players who join the event will unlock a new umbrella cosmetic, with more rewards unlockable via quests throughout the Rift Tour.

The Fortnite Rift Tour will span over three days with five concerts in all

  • Show 1
    Friday, August 6 @ 6PM ET
  • Show 2
    Saturday, August 7 @ 2PM ET
  • Show 3
    Sunday, August 8 @ 12AM ET
  • Show 4
    Sunday, August 8 @ 10AM ET
  • Show 5
    Sunday, August 8 @ 6PM ET

Icon Series skin as part of Ariana Grande's arrival in Item Shop

Ariana Grande will see herself added to the Icon Series, with Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha the previous addition. The Icon Series is a collection of the most high-end cosmetics in the game. Epic Games launched the Icon Series with the "face" of Fortnite Ninja back in January 2020. Since then they have added both streamers and more recently several well known faces from the sports and entertainment industry such as soccer player Neymar Jr and NBA pro Lebron James.

The Fortnite Rift Tour will run from August 6th to 8th.

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