Jamper, Threats, and Rise won NAE DreamHack Cash Cup open. While the titans battled for the top spot in Europe.

Flikk, Anas, and Th0masHD won EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, their first tournament of Season 7. Jamper, Threats, and Rise put on a clinic in NAE. During the post-game interview, Mero proclaimed his trio is on their way to a third FNCS championship. Meanwhile, trio roulette continues as players search for their FNCS teams. Now, only one more tournament stands between players and the main series of the Season.

No one could stop Jamper, Threats, and Rise on their way to victory in NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra

Rarely do full trios play out every match. "LG Jamper," "Threats," and "TNG Rise" achieve that feat and won the tournament. They placed within the Top 10 in all seven matches. Additionally, the trio boasted four different matches with double-digit eliminations, tied for most in the region. Jamper, Threats, and Rise continue to prove themselves as one of the best trios in the region. This performance solidifies them as a contender for the upcoming FNCS.

Right behind the winners, Nate "BBG Kreo" Kou, Alan "Tragix" Nguyen, and "Illest" narrowly missed the top spot. The trio had an opportunity in the final match of the day. All they needed was a single elimination or another minute alive. The final match started off rough. Another trio contested them off spawn and eliminated a member of the team. Illest rebooted Kreo, but the early fight cost them valuable time. They were forced to play a scuffed match. Unfortunately, Kreo, Tragix, and Illest fell in 18th place with four eliminations, four points shy of winning DreamHack.

Three titles for the current FNCS Champs?

Following another solid tournament performance, the current FNCS champion, “Endl8ss Mero,” stated his trio is ready to win another FNCS. The trio placed in 3rd during the DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. This comes after an impressive Trio Cash Cup win earlier in the week. Mero, Dejsean “Endl8ss Deyy” Hew, and Malachi “Endl8ss Reverse2k” Greiner are still dominant and at the top of their game. Mero shared his confidence during a post-game interview, "I mean, we will probably win three times."

After splitting earlier this season, the trio came back together. Mero, Deyy, and Reverse2k looked as strong as ever during the DreamHack Extra. They could have won the entire tournament with a great final match.

In the last game, the trio sat on high ground in fourth zone, but failed to hold the position as they rotated into fifth zone. A small error in communication caused the trio to split in the following rotations and the match fell apart from there. They fell in 11th place and 22 points short of the DreamHack win.

NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

  • 1. LG jamper 7, Threat3ky, TNG Rise
  • 2. BBG KREMON 002, XTRA Illest, TRAGIX相信
  • 3. ENDL8SS oogway, еl L2R2, ENDLESS Reverse
  • 4. 33 nut ӝ, Baby Nuts Eomzo, TNG chukky 002
  • 5. kwаh, Elite Neeqo, 8 PAPER
  • 6. TSM FTX Comadon, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey
  • 7. Sаfaroonie, LastPieceBender, Liquid ЅTREMON
  • 8. TNG Dxrant, TNG Nani yt, squishrr
  • 9. C9 nosh, SEN BUGHADORF, C9 Avery
  • 10. ALOFT Wodzy 亗, TT9 Peach, wafflar マ

Danish trio looks extremely impressive during EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra

Thomas "Gamma Th0masHD" Høxbro Davidsen, Anas "Guild Anas" El-Abd, and Nikolaj "Guild Flikk" Andreas Frøslev took home their first tournament win. In last week's DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, they placed 5th overall. The trio won back-to-back matches to start DreamHack. In game one, the Danish team dropped massive Victory Royale with 20 total eliminations. This put them in first place with a comfortable lead. Then they followed that game up with another Victory Royale. Th0masHD, Anas, and Flikk secured eight eliminations in their second win.

While the wins stopped after the first two matches, the trio did not hesitate to keep up their stellar play. Halfway through the tournament, the Danish put up another display of excellence. They dropped back-to-back 2nd place games with a combined 23 eliminations. If they reached end game, they were unstoppable.

The Trio Cash Cup winners fell short of expectations. Henrik “Guild Hen” Mclean, Jannis “Guild JannisZ” Matwin, and Moussa “chapix” Fh looked dominant in spurts. Unfortunately, the trio failed to achieve more than one Victory Royale; their one win, a 27 elimination game. Outside of that game, the team looked beatable and failed to establish an end game presence. They finished the day at 14th overall.

EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

  • 1. GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD
  • 2. Falcon AndiIex, Vitality Snayzy, xsweeze.mces
  • 3. Falcon Refsgaard, NVD Endretta, 100T MrSavage
  • 4. lucky Mr.J, EvozA Wulfeе, TSG freemoк
  • 5. stena., reyed up, JSQ Robbabkebab
  • 6. WAVE Vadeal, BL Noahreyli, aqua
  • 7. exl korol1k, GP Sp1aash, mムwakha 7777
  • 8. Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakiе
  • 9. CL Fury, Centric97Default, CL iRezUmi
  • 10. wxlfiez, GAMMA Merijn, BL PabloWingu