A European trio set the record during NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra while new faces climbed on top of the EU tournament.

New faces took over in Europe in the first DreamHack Cash Cup Extra of Season 7. North America finished with a storybook finish with the top two teams colliding in the last battle. Saf, Stretch, and Khanada took on the Europe trio of Andilex, Xsweeze, and Snayzy. The native NAE trio won the battle and the tournament with one final sweep.

An unbelievable finish crowns a new trio champion in NAE

The first-place spot bounced around throughout the NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. First, a crowd favorite Logan "BBG Bucke" Eschenburg, Cody "NRG Clix" Conrod, and Mack "G2 MackWood" Aesoph, jumped out to an early lead. They dropped a massive 20 elimination victory in the first match. Then rising stars held first place for the majority of the tournament. "33 PaMstou", "Athletix wCarey," and "Fatch" sat in first for over an hour. They went into the final match with a slight advantage. Ultimately, the last game shaped the leaderboard as the top four trios went head to head.

Everyone looked up at PaMstou, wCarey, and Fatch. Three trios remained within striking distance. If the leaders made one mistake, several teams would jump at the opportunity.

That opportunity would arise, but very late into the match. Moving zones began and PaMstou, wCarey, and Fatch still remained alive. Several engagements occurred, but no one could take down the leader. The fights weakened the team and eventually they fell in 9th place after solo plays by Fatch. Their early exited left a small window for a trio to steal first place.

The top four trios battled in the final circle of the tournament. Khanada, Bucke, and MackWood took the high ground and looked to clear the rest of the lobby. They knew they needed to make up a lead, yet could not know the exact number of points they needed. All the trio could control was winning the match with as many eliminations as possible. They knocked out 13 players on their way to a victory royale.

The game ended too quickly. No one knew who stood at the top. As the leaderboard updated, Khanada, Bucke, and MackWood stole away first place with their fantastic finish. The last fight determined which trio won the entire tournament.

The European trio of Alexandre "Falcon AndiIex" Christophe, Idris "Vitality Snayzy" Aichouche, and Cyprien "MCES xsweeze" Dumonteil fell in 2nd place in the match and 2nd place in the tournament. If they won the final trade, they would have won the tournament. Regardless, a 2nd place finish sets a record for the best placement by a European team during the NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra.

NAE DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

1. Sаfaroonie, BBG Khanada1x, Liquid ЅTREMON
2. Falcon AndiIex, Vitality Snayzy, xsweeze.mces
3. 33 PaMstou, Athletix wCarey, Fаtch
4. elite gabeski, 9LIVES Tahi, twitter spritefn
5. 9LIVES Tabzrigo, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V
6. TNG Dxrant, TNG Nani yt, squishrr
7. TNG ONE WITH AIM, Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd
8. TSM FTX Comadon, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey
9. 9LIVES Crumble, KNG Nexy, Lаrson
10. SEN BUGHADORF, Baby Nuts Eomzo, C9 Avery

Watch out: A new trio tops Europe during the Cash Cup Extra

With the start of Season 7 competitive Fortnite, new faces take their place atop the standings. Andrej "Merstach," Danila "TT9 Malibuca" Yakovenko, and Nikita "TCE shizogod" won the EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra with incredible consistency. The trio finished with the best average placement in the entire region with 9.44. They failed to win a match, but popped out for two huge games.

In the first match, Merstach, Malibuca, and shizogod dropped a massive 18 elimination 3rd place match. They came ready to play and jumped out to a lead. After a couple of solid placements, the trio exploded again in the sixth match. Once again finishing in 3rd, the new champs dropped 17 more eliminations. These two huge games propelled them to the top. Their consistency between games gave them a chance to earn money, but it was their pop off moments that won them the tournament.

Right behind the leaders, Manoel “Solary Floki” Da Costa, Clement “Clement” Lesobre, and Thomas “GO Decyptos” Cottu fell just short. The trio won three matches throughout the day, but failed to capture points in every match. While the

EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Standings

1. Merstach., TT9 Malibuca, TCE shiz1k1337
2. Solary Floki 07, Clement_ttt, GO Decyptos
3. solo veno, BL HIGHGROUND, rezonyache32
4. GUILD неп, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74
5. GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD
6. Grizi 4zr, Falcon TaySon 7, nayte 75
7. pinquk, nebs 04, mouz stompy
8. BL Setty, GAMMA Kami, GXR teeq
9. Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn
10. milaniwnI, AE Sinan, Psychо kiduoo