Fortnite gathered streamer Kai Cenat, Sketch, and members of the streaming group AMP to promote a new game mode!

Epic Games recently announced the addition of Fortnite Reload, a game mode that emulates the OG Fortnite Chapter 1 map. Due to launch on June 22, Fortnite Reload will feature beloved locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row, some of the best of all time. Ahead of Fortnite's big summer update, streamers Sketch, and AMP members Kai Cenat, Agent00, Duke, Davis, and Chris have appeared in a Fortnite Reload trailer that will surely go viral.

Kai Cenat and Sketch star in Fortnite Reload teaser trailer

The video above launched at 7 p.m. showcasing content creators Sketch, Kai Cenat, and the other members of AMP encountering each other in a city setting set to Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter. Four of the streamers form a squad to promote the new Squads-only Fortnite Reload game mode. Sketch even uttered his signature "What's up, brother?" line that recently went viral across social media.

What is Fortnite Reload?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Based on the video, it's safe to say Kai Cenat and company, alongside tens of thousands of players, will dabble in Fortnite Reload. Epic Games has marketed the Fortnite Reload as a new experience, but it has many OG Chapter 1 drop spots and, presumably, a similar loot pool. Players have strongly requested a separate game mode following the success of last year's Fortnite OG season. Reload seems to be the answer.

Who are the streamers in the Fortnite Reload commercial?

These six content creators have all become top names on Twitch. Kai Cenat is one of, if not the, biggest name on Twitch, recently breaking the platform's viewership record. Although Kai Cenat is not known for his Fortnite streams, he hosted a sleepover stream with comedian and actor Kevin Hart that amassed over 300,000 viewers. Sketch became recognizable for his Madden content and collaboration streams with fellow viral streamer Jynxzi.

The remaining creators, Agent00, Duke, Chris, and Davis, are all part of Any Means Possible (AMP), an American content-focused group known best for their challenges. Epic Games' use of these personalities shows their confidence in Fortnite Reload, which launches in less than 24 hours.

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