Excited for the new summer update?

Fortnite's summer update is right around the corner (allegedly), and many are curious about what to expect from the upcoming update. While the update was expected to drop next week, it seems like Epic Games is pushing it out tomorrow (June 22).

Here is everything we know about Fortnite's upcoming summer update.

What's coming to Fortnite during the new summer update?

Every summer, Fortnite has a huge update that gives the game a fresh and fun new look, letting players cruise across the island for some summer fun. While we do not know too much about the update, we do know a few pieces to expect.

So what can we all expect for the new Fortnite summer update?

The Chapter 1 island is returning

Fortnite is bringing back a small portion of the Chapter 1 map, with Tilted Towers located in the middle. The map will be a limited-time mode, allowing players to still explore the regular Chapter 5, Season 3 map.

The new Chapter 1 map will feature a few special locations for players to fight in.

  • Tilted Towers
  • Pleasant Park
  • Retail Row
  • Lil' Loot Lake
  • Sandy Sheets
  • Lazy Laps

It is unknown, though, how long this new limited-time mode will actually be in Fortnite. It could be permanent, it could not.

The summer event

Originally, Fortnite had a large summer event scheduled for June 25, the same day as the original summer update. But now with the update being moved to tomorrow, many are wondering if the summer event will still be held next week.

More than likely, people should expect to experience Fortnite's summer event next week. There still is a chance it could premiere tomorrow, so keep your eyes out.

Additional items and more

As of now, there have been few leaks about the new summer update regarding items, weapons and more. Usually, though, Fortnite will re-release weapons and items into the Battle Royale, allowing players to fight with them throughout the summer.

We do know that the game may be re-releasing the heavy sniper or mini-gun, though.

What weapons and items are you hoping for?

Magneto and Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration

Magneto will officially be released within the game, allowing for players to complete various quests to acquire the popular mutant. Alongside Magento will be the Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration, which will officially be dropping.

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