Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite v30.10 update!

Fortnite's newest update went live today, marking the beginning of Fortnite Festival Season 4. In addition to Metallica formally joining the game, Epic Games has added new weapons, a new Metallica-inspired point of interest (POI), the Chapter 5 Season 3 Super Styles, and much more. This article outlines everything included in the Fortnite v30.10 update!

Metallica joins Fortnite in massive collaboration

Fortnite dropped the intel yesterday regarding the Fortnite Festival Season 4 Pass, which includes various Metallica cosmetic items and more. Like in previous Festival Passes, you can unlock items via the Free Track or spend 1,800 V-Bucks and upgrade to the Premium Track, which contains all four Metallica Fortnite skins.

Other Fortnite x Metallica details include new Jam Tracks, a new Fortnite Festival game mode, an in-game concert coming soon, a Metallica POI, and more.

New POI: Metallica Island

Speaking of the Metallica POI, Epic Games created and dedicated this floating island to the heavy metal band. It recognizes their current world tour and features plenty of references, music, a stage, and projections of all four band members rocking their instruments. The video above via Perfect Score shows what Metallica Island offers in Fortnite v30.10.

Metallica Quests now live in Fortnite v30.10

A new Questline is available in the Fortnite v30.10 update centered around Metallica. Upon completion, you can earn free in-game cosmetic items.

  • Complete Metallica Quests (0/20)
  • Complete the Metallica Poster (0/1)
  • Jam a Jam Statue for 5 seconds to start an Encore Session (0/1)
  • Spray Metallica concert images at different locations (0/3)
  • Visit the floating Metallica Loot Island stage (0/1)
  • Collect the Ride the Lightning item (0/1)

New Mythic item: Ride The Lightning

On top of the Metallica Island POI, Epic Games also honors the band in-game with a new Mythic item called "Ride The Lightning." This item functions similarly to the Nitro Fists introduced this season, allowing you to launch yourself into the air and across the landscape.

It deals damage upon landing, and you can ride a teammate's lightning wave. The Ride The Lightning Mythic spawns in Chests and on various stage settings around the map.

New weapon in Fortnite v30.10: The Tow Hook Cannon

Fortnite v30.10 introduced the Tow Hook Cannon item, which Epic teased in the Chapter 5 Season 3 launch trailer. This item lets you shoot a hook and attach yourself to a moving vehicle. It also damages players, making it a versatile weapon.

Here is a look at the Tow Hook Cannon stats per HYPEX:

  • Range: 50 meters
  • Player Damage: 75
  • Builds Damage: 200
  • Vehicles Damage: 300
  • Attaches you to moving vehicles & you can detach

Fortnite Festival adds Battle Stage game mode

Fortnite Festival has added a new Battle Stage game mode, which will remain in the game once Season 4 concludes. This mode pits 16 players against each other as they battle until just one remains. All participants will perform the same songs, but only one can call themselves the winner.

Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass Super Styles unveiled in Fortnite v30.10

The Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass Super Styles are now available following Fortnite's v30.10 update. You can unlock these in the Battle Pass after reaching level 100 and continuing to the Bonus Rewards page. The Super Styles names are as follows:

  • Cold Fusion
  • Neon Hazard
  • Digital Ghost

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