They also got hold of LeBron James in the middle of the livestream.

Kai Cenat, popular streamer and influencer, has once again broken his own viewership record on Twitch following a second livestream alongside comedian Kevin Hart in the form of a sleepover on June 10.

This time around, Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart teamed up with comedian and actor Drew Desbordes, most known as Druski. The sleepover livestream peaked at over 720,000 viewers on Twitch, setting a new personal record for Kai Cenat. The previous stream with Kevin Hart had amassed over 300,000 simultaneous viewers.

Besides all the usual innumerous goofiness, one of the best moments of the June 10 livestream was Kevin Hart calling nobody other than NBA king LeBron James all of a sudden.

LeBron James joins Kai Cenat, Kevin Hart viral sleepover

Curiously enough, it was LeBron James who called Kevin Hart to participate in the livestream and not the other way around. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar asked Kevin Hart to join a FaceTime call and Kai Cenat couldn't hold his excitement as you can see in the clip below.

Even though we could clearly hear LeBron James' voice, some fans in Kai Cenat's chat thought Kevin Hart was pulling a prank on them. This led the comedian to turn his phone to the camera so everybody could see LeBron James' face.

By the time people LeBron James broke into Kai Cenat's livestream, over 650,000 fans were watching the show on Twitch and the numbers only went higher.

Other highlights from Kai Cenat's second livestream with Kevin Hart

Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart did more of the same in this sleepover livestream, but this time around, they were joined by Druski. The trio participated in a "What's in the Box" game and also had a great time dancing in front of the fans watching from home.

Given that Kai Cenat keeps smashing his Twitch viewership record when Kevin Hart participates, we can only expect the streaming star to call his friend once again in the near future — and the fans would surely love it.

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