Kai Cenat keeps gettings Ws.

Popular streamer and influencer, Kai Cenat, has just broken his own viewership record after a livestream session with actor, Kevin Hart. The entertaining duo garnered over 368K live viewers and the streamer even reclaimed the throne for most-subscribed on Twitch. Full stream below!

Kai Cenat is one of the world's biggest streamers with over 10 million followers on Twitch. The American personality was crowned as 2023's Streamer of the Year, and his immense popularity resulted in many high-profile collaborations. Many celebrities like Ice Spice, 21savage, and Drake have all appeared and interacted with Kai Cenat on his stream.

Previously, Kai Cenat's livestream with Nicki Minaj broke his all-time viewership record on the purple platform. The stream garnered 348K concurrent views. This record has just been broken as Kai Cenat's livestream with Kevin Hart reaches 368K concurrent views!

Kai Cenat becomes most-subscribed Twitch streamer

With the viral broadcast, Kai Cenat not only garnered high viewership but also a wave of new subscribers. His livestream with Kevin Hart resulted in 126,827 total subscribers on Twitch, climbing into the #1 spot. He overtakes Jynxzi who now has 119,899 subs.

Kai Cenat has been on a back-and-forth battle to stay as the most-subscribed Twitch streamer. His latest rank #1 achievement was in December 2023 but was then overtaken by the popular Rainbow Six Siege player. With the Kai Cenat x Kevin Hart stream, he managed to reclaim the throne!

Clips from the Kai Cenat x Kevin Hart livestream

The near-four-hour long livestream had loads of entertaining moments. The internet had fun capturing these and talking about just how comedic the duo was. A post described that the two has a "father-son" chemistry, showing both of them dancing to Usher's Yeah.

Another clip shows the two arguing as each of them refused to lose the height battle.

The clip below captured when the popular rapper, T-Pain, donated 50 subs on Kai Cenat's stream. Kevin Hart commented how other regular viewers donated even more than him and called T-Pain "cheap."

We also enjoyed seeing Kevin Hart learning the essences of livestreaming. From the concept of gifted subs, to sound effects, to the OBS platform, and more!

Kai Cenat continuously delivers to his dedicated fanbase. He has just finished an insanely hyped Elden Ring marathon and he brought to us another viral broadcast. Fans are excited to see the magnetic streamer bring in more collaborations in the future.

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