Kai Cenat didn’t take the apology well.

News platform, IGN, just posted a public apology to the popular streamer, Kai Cenat. This follows after their previous tweet went viral for randomly mentioning Kai Cenat's history of inciting riot despite the post being about his Elden Ring marathon. IGN reconstructed its tweet and issued an apology, but it wasn't taken well by the streamer.

We messed up that Kai Cenat story by couching it in something that has nothing to do with Elden Ring or his playthrough of it. We apologize to [Kai Cenat], who we're big fans of, and his followers, and we promise to do better in the future.

IGN forwards its apology to both Kai Cenat and his fans. They acknowledged that the caption of the tweet had nothing to do with "Elden Ring or his playthrough of it".

What is the controversial tweet about Kai Cenat?

IGN's shady tweet was posted on May 17 which read: "Kai Cenat, the popular Twitch streamer who once incited a riot in New York with a giveaway event, had officially finished Elden Ring after more than 160 hour marathon that at one point included throwing his controller out the window."

Even though unrelated, IGN mentioned Kai Cenat's riot incident in August 2023. For a long story short, his PS5 giveaway in New York brought in an uncontrollable crowd of 2,000 people. He was then arrested for inciting a riot, running the event without permit and it also leading to acts of violence and vandalism.

Kai Cenat responds to IGN's apology

Under IGN's apology tweet, Kai Cenat replied with a clip of him smoking and dancing in his usual streaming setup.

Some fans are satisfied that Kai Cenat got his apology, but some fans are not so content. Many of them pointed out how IGN left the distasteful tweet up for almost an entire day and took this long to backtrack and apologize.

Fans are also saying that the damage is done and it seems like Kai Cenat reflects the same sentiment. Three hours after IGN's apology went public, Kai Cenat posted: "F*ck IGN"

This isn't the first time IGN is in the hot seat. Last month, the platform criticized Stellar Blade's main character, Eve, not taking her as a representation of a "real woman". This opinion backfired and the team issued an apology after.

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