Kai Cenat reveals plans to stream Elden Ring until he beats it.

The popular streamer, Kai Cenat, announced via trailer that he will be doing an Elden Ring marathon. The streamer will be non-stop playing the game until he has officially beaten it. And yes, it will all be live, on his stream.

Here is everything we know so far about Kai Cenat's Elden Ring marathon live-stream.

Kai Cenat to play Elden Ring until he beats it

Those who know Elden Ring know how epic of a game the title truly is. With a vast open world, written by some of the greatest storytellers of our generation, Elden Ring is an absolute masterpiece.

But, the game is HUGE and incredibly hard. The main storyline takes a minimum of 60 hours to complete. The streamer will have to put in multiple days of gameplay before actually finishing the game.

Not only that, but Kai Cenat plans to not end stream until he completes the game. The trailer dropped by the famous streamer correctly depicts the anxiety the streamer must be feeling while preparing to venture on such a tough challenge.

Watch the trailer below.

When will Kai Cenat stream Elden Ring?

Kai Cenat's highly-anticipated Elden Ring stream begins tomorrow, May 10, at 6 pm EST. We could very well see a stream of such stature go into June, depending on how focused he is on the game.

Defeating Elden Ring is no easy feat, and many gamers consider finishing the game a huge accomplishment. Now, imagine pushing yourself to beat the game in a non-stop playthrough. This will be historic for the world of streaming and gaming if Kai Cenat comes out victorious from this challenge.

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