Kai Cenat is doing a partnership with 1v1.LOL, giving one lucky viewer a chance to play with the popular streamer.

Popular streamer, Kai Cenat, has teamed up with 1v1.LOL to host a new campaign with the game, showing off new skins and more. Not only that, but one lucky fan will get the chance to sit down with the streamer and play the Battle Royale with him.

Here is everything you need to know about the new collaboration between Kain Cenat and 1v1.LOL.

Kai Cenat streams 1v1.LOL to 9.9 million followers

If you know anything about the world of streaming and content creation, then you most definitely know who Kai Cenat is. The popular streamer has made history in the past. He has had the highest sub-count on Twitch and one of the highest viewer counts. He also started a riot in New York City (by accident).

Kai Cenat did a live stream featuring 1v1.LOL on April 28. During the stream, he gave his followers a unique opportunity to win special skins and prizes within the game.

The popular Battle Royale is available on PC and Mobile, giving pretty much all of his fans a chance to compete.

But wait... skins were not the only prize Kai Cenat gave away. A golden weapon skin (similar to Charlie's golden ticket) has been hidden in the game. Players who complete an in-game challenge will win the weapon skin and one lucky winner will be chosen to play on stream with Kai Cenat.

The challenge goes through today, May 3. This means the lucky winner will be chosen soon!

About 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL is a popular Battle Royale that takes on similar elements of Fortnite mixed with games like Roblox. With smooth graphics and fun gameplay, the game pits a small amount of players against each other on a map.

The game also has many other modes, including 1v1s, ZoneWars and more.

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