Kai Cenat was not going to have any of Kanye’s nonsense.

If you are all up to date in streamer news, then you would have seen recently how Kanye West called out Kai Cenat, claiming he was an industry plant. But the popular streamer was not going to just stay silent on Kanye's outburst regarding him.

So what did Kai Cenat have to say about Kanye calling him an industry plant?

Kai Cenat claps back at Kanye's claims: "The pants don't fit!"

The recent quarrel between the two popular figures, Kai Cenat and Kanye West, all started because the streamer tried on a new pair of Kanye's latest line of pants while giving his review saying they did not fit.

Kanye did not take kindly to this.

"Of course he is. That exact genre is the most industry plant," said Kanye when talking live on The Download podcast. "It's about influencer mind control."

Kanye's statements are bold, considering his line of sweatpants cost upwards of $120 USD and the only real complaint he got was that they were too big.

Kai Cenat was not going to stay silent, though, regardless of how big of a name Kanye West is.

Kai Cenat breaks silence

In a recent live stream, Kai Cenat decided to address the issue at hand.

"Ye. I have been doing this sh*t since 2018," said Kai Cenat in his Twitch live stream. "All because -"

Then Kai Cenat decided a large explanation was not needed.

"F**k that! The pants ain't fit! Why is he arguing?"

Kai Cenat then pushed for him to just send over a new pair of pants.

"Just send me some new pants bro! All of this because the pants ain't fit?"

It seems as if Kai Cenat was not going to feed into the drama that Kanye had prepared for him. Instead, he just wants a new pair of pants. A pair that fit. Seems reasonable enough.

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