Can you imagine having 24 million subscribers on YouTube?

Being familiar with the world of YouTube and its popular creators is one thing, but being familiar with the world of entertainment in general is another. One of these YouTubers, that has risen to stardom over the years, making him quite the name, is IShowSpeed.

Known for his crazy antics, his constant screaming and more, IShowSpeed has created a large fanbase. From streaming to creating prank videos to gaming and more, IShowSpeed is easily one of the most popular entertainers in the world.

Now, the popular streamer has surpassed Ninja in subscribers on YouTube, making him the most-subscribed-to English streamer out there.

IShowSpeed surpasses 24 million subscribers on YouTube

Creating a unique page for yourself and pulling in viewers and subscribers is not that easy. For someone like Speed, making a name for himself has taken years. The streamer has constantly been seen playing a plethora of video games, including Fortnite, GTA V, Valorant and more.

Aside from gaming, though, Speed has also found himself in the public eye quite a few times. Just recently, he was seen on an episode of the WWE repping the popular Prime drink.

Now, with over 24 million subscribers on YouTube, IShowSpeed has become the most popular English streamer on the platform. Ninja, who has 23.9 million, has officially been dethroned.

But I thought Ninja streamed on Twitch?

Thought Ninja was a Twitch streamer? Well, he is. But he is also a YouTuber streamer. And TikTok. And Twitter. The dude literally streams on every platform. So while Speed may have taken his spot as number one on YouTube, Ninja still wins in numbers considering he is always live on every single platform.

Regardless, 24 million subscribers is a massive number for IShowSpeed, and it only seems as if his success is going to skyrocket even more from here.

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