Is Fortnite Reload sticking around?

Fortnite Reload is a new game mode about the closest you can get to OG Fortnite, at least for now. Following its launch on June 22, players flocked to Fortnite Reload to drop Tilted Towers with their friends and enjoy its intricacies. Epic Games recently added a Duos option in patch v30.20.01 to bolster the appeal further. However, many have rightfully questions: is Fortnite Reload permanent? Here's what we know about Epic's long-term plans.

Is Fortnite Reload permanent?

After scouring both blog posts regarding Fortnite Reload, Epic Games has not clarified whether it will be a permanent game mode. You can expect it to remain in the rotation until the end of Chapter 5 Season 3, at the very least. However, anything beyond that is unknown. Some reports have indicated that it will remain, but the high-profile leakers have confirmed none of these.

Considering the effort put into marketing and rolling out Fortnite Reload, it seems possible that Epic Games will keep it as a permanent fixture. Not only would it please the OG fans, but it would also alleviate the constant requests for the return of OG Fortnite. However, Epic tends to be vague on long-term Fortnite plans, so the prevailing status is unclear.

Why do people enjoy the OG game mode so much?

The response to Fortnite Reload has been staggering, which explains why players want it to be permanent. As of June 24, the OG game mode consistently maintained more players than Battle Royale. It's safe to say people love Fortnite Reload for the nostalgia it provides in its weapons and drop spots.

Landing Tilted Towers is something diehard fans will never tire of, and the overall layout of the game mode encourages more action than a traditional Battle Royale game. If nothing else, the passion for Fortnite Reload should encourage Epic Games to make it permanent. Ultimately, we will find out in the coming weeks.

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