Fortnite Reload has announced the addition of Duos!

Fortnite Reload is a new game mode that gives players the OG Fortnite vibes. Since it launched on June 22, Fortnite Reload has rapidly become the most popular game mode, eclipsing Battle Royale, Zero Build, and LEGO Fortnite's combined numbers. Based on the positive feedback from players, Epic Games has announced the addition of Fortnite Reload Duos, set to debut on June 27.

Fortnite Reload announces the addition of Duos option

The Reload game mode landed with only a Squads option, meaning you either needed to have friends to play with or you'd have to queue with random teammates. Although it garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception, players desperately wanted Fortnite Reload Duos or Trios. Sure enough, Epic Games has made that dream a reality.

Beginning at 9 a.m. ET on June 27, Fortnite Reload Duos will be available to all players. That means you will only have to play Squads for the rest of the evening before Reload Duos goes live. The structure will likely remain the same; 20 duos will load into a match, drop in on classic points of interest (POIs), grab classic Fortnite weapons, and attempt to bring home the Victory Royale.

What could be next for the Reload game mode?

The astounding success of Fortnite Reload could make it a permanent fixture in the game. Following the success of last year's Fortnite OG season, players have been chasing the same feeling. Although Epic Games did not make OG Battle Royale a separate game mode, players have treated Fortnite Reload as a fair compromise.

It will be interesting to see if Epic Games goes all-in and adds Solos and Trios to bring this full circle. That seems almost certain, and with an OG Chapter 2 season in the works, Epic Games may have no choice but to honor Fortnite's past while building its future.

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