Get ready for Persephone!

Epic Games recently announced the latest skin due to join the Fortnite Crew subscription service in July 2024. Since December 2020, the Crew membership has welcomed 44 exclusive cosmetic skins available only to subscribers. The latest addition brings the original character Persephone to the collection. Here's everything you need to know, including when you can get your hands on this new Fortnite skin.

Fortnite Crew July 2024: Persephone release date and appearance

Image Credit: iFireMonkey
Image Credit: iFireMonkey

Persephone is a female character set to join the Fortnite Crew July 2024 collection beginning on June 30, 2024. Her character's basis centers around the underworld queen from Greek Mythology. As a result, this is likely a hold-over from Chapter 5 Season 2, which offered a "Myths & Morals" theme.

She sports a dark-colored sweatshirt with a purple and silver crest on the front. Persephone has a glove on one hand, a crown atop her head, and shorts with a key hanging from one of the belt loops.

In addition to the base skin, the Fortnite Crew July 2024 collection includes a LEGO variant, Back Bling, and Pickaxe. Here is a complete list of items available beginning on June 30:

Image Credit: HYPEX
Image Credit: HYPEX
  • Persephone Outfit
  • Heart of the Darkness Back Bling
  • Stygian Scythes Pickaxe (Dual-Wielded)
Image Credit: HYPEX
Image Credit: HYPEX

You can also unlock additional color palettes for all of these items the longer you remain subscribed to the Fortnite Crew service.

What is Fortnite Crew? Subscription service explained

The Fortnite Crew membership is a monthly service players can subscribe to for exclusive rewards and other benefits. Apart from the cosmetic items mentioned above, members also receive 1,000 V-Bucks, Rocket League rewards, and the seasonal Fortnite Battle Pass. The cost is $11.99 USD per month and requires no commitment, meaning you can cancel anytime.

You can subscribe to Fortnite Crew in-game or on Fortnite's official website. If you're wondering whether it's worth the price tag, check out this article for our complete analysis.

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