Fortnite Reload is proving why Fortnite is the greatest video game of all time.

The refusal, time and time again, for a game like Fortnite to fall off should be studied within the universities. The popular Battle Royale has continuously found itself at the bottom of a hole only to shoot upwards and break records. The new game mode, Fortnite Reload, has proven why the game will probably never die.

The new game mode, which was released just a few days ago on June 22, 2024, has given Fortnite fans and gamers hope for the game's future.

Fortnite Reload sets more records, putting Fortnite back at the top of the charts

Every year, Fortnite falls to a point where many think is the beginning of the end. While this is easy for some to say, it seems as if Epic Games is already preparing to shock the gaming world with an update or two.

At first, it was the addition of Late Game Arena. Then, Fortnite decided to add Zero Build mode. Eventually, when everyone thought the game would never make a comeback, they released the entire Chapter 1 OG season.

And now, Fortnite Reload has proven just why the Battle Royale may go down in history as the greatest video game of all time.

After only 48 hours since its release, Fortnite Reload still has more players than the regular Battle Royale, making it the most popular game mode to stay surpassing the original game.

Fortnite Reload had over a million players within the first 30 minutes

When the game mode first released, it surpassed every other popular game mode within 30 minutes. Reaching over 1 million players, Fortnite Reload instantly became a hit.

Now, with over 600,000 concurrent players, the popular mode goes to show that sometimes simplicity is better. All the large creators, too, are raving over the new game mode.

So what is Fortnite Reload? It is basically a smaller version of the original Chapter 1 map that players can fight on. It is simple. It is fun. And it is quick. Everyone loves it.

So, what does this mean for the future of Fortnite? Will they continue to make additions that save the game? We already know that an OG Chapter 2 season is in the works, which has excited many players.

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