Here’s everything included in the June 27 Fortnite update!

Epic Games deployed a minor update on June 27 that welcomed the highly-anticipated Fortnite Reload Duos game mode into the fold. Following the overwhelmingly positive response to Fortnite Reload, players requested more than just Squads to enjoy the new experience. Epic Games honored those requests, adding a Duos option for those looking to play the OG game mode with their duo partner. This article covers everything included in the latest Fortnite update, including patch notes and more.

Fortnite patch notes for the June 27 update

Fortnite Reload Duos is currently live as of 9 a.m. ET this morning. You can now drop into a mini version of the OG Chapter 1 map with your duo partner. In addition to the launch of Reload Duos, Epic Games also made some changes to the new game mode, which are as follows:

  • Crawl speed is now faster while “down but not out.”
  • Shotguns now drop more often from chests.
  • Exotic and Mythic items drop slightly less frequently.

What else is new in the latest Fortnite patch?

Apart from the launch of Fortnite Reload Duos, the latest update did not have much more to offer. However, Epic Games has started teasing the upcoming Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collab. This crossover includes characters like Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Elizabeth Swann, and Hector Barbossa. Epic teased the return of the Flint Knock Pistol, and leaks indicated a new pirate ship Mythic item and Pirates point of interest (POI) are due to arrive during the event.

Based on the initial teaser, Epic Games will continue revealing portions of this obscured treasure map ahead of the Pirates event on July 19. Until then, keep an eye on socials, and don't forget to drop into Fortnite Reload Duos to enjoy the OG Chapter 1 setting it offers.

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