DrDisrespect, Fortnite’s latest streamer to get their own $100K event cover image

DrDisrespect, Fortnite’s latest streamer to get their own $100K event

Popular YouTube content creator DrDisrespect announced a $100K Fortnite Zero Build tournament, dubbed the Hotshot Duo Drop.

Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm IV has officially returned to competitive Fortnite, this time in the popular Zero Build mode. Today, the YouTuber announced a collaboration with Epic Games for the first-ever DrDisrespect Fortnite tournament, dubbed the Hotshot Duo Drop. This elimination race competition boasts a $100K prize pool and promises to deliver an entertaining show. 

Let’s see what The Doc's Fortnite Zero Build tournament will provide when it begins on May 27.

DrDisrespect’s $100K Hotshot Duo drop featuring Fortnite

A connoisseur of Battle Royale games—DrDisrespect returned to Fortnite following the release of Zero Build and found it enjoyable. Since then, the self-proclaimed two-time Blockbuster Video Game World Champion has frequently returned to Fortnite Zero Build. He'll now host his own sanctioned Fortnite tournament with $100K up for grabs, following the footsteps of Ludwig Mondays.

The Hotshot Duo Drop brings Fortnite back to its elimination race roots. Long-time fans might remember the days of Fortnite Fridays, where popular streamers would square off in public matches to see who could produce the most eliminations. We can expect something similar when DrDisrespect’s tournament goes live on May 27 at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST.

The expected format & potential participants

The DrDisrespect Fortnite tournament is in the early stages of development, so the format is unclear. However, it seems that two duos will queue into a squads match and try to earn as many eliminations as possible. These competitions commonly utilize a best-of-three format, meaning the first duo to win two games will advance in the bracket. 

DrDisrespect has yet to announce the prize breakdown, rules, banned items or a list of competitors. In any case, many marquee Fortnite players have expressed interest. Here is a small list of those who asked for an invitation:

Perhaps even Fortnite legend — Turner “Tfue” Tenney — will continue his impressive Zero Build tournament run in the Hotshot Duo Drop. The possibilities are endless. We hope to hear more about the DrDisrespect Hotshot Duo Drop Fortnite competition format, payout structure and an official list of invited players soon. 

Here’s a quick recap of everything we know so far:

  • May 27 at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST
  • 2v2 format
  • Elimination race
  • Zero Build mode
  • $100K prize pool

It’ll be interesting to see a full-fledged elimination race tournament in the current state of Fortnite Zero Build. The skill gap is much narrower, and we already know content creators can coexist with the top professional players. Be sure to tune in on May 27 to watch the Hotshot Duo Drop!

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