Study shows Fortnite dominates the U.S. in competitive earnings; Over $16 million paid out cover image

Study shows Fortnite dominates the U.S. in competitive earnings; Over $16 million paid out

Fortnite continues to dominate esports, as a recent study shows it leads the U.S. in competitive earnings.

When it comes to competitive esports, the amount of money within the industry just keeps growing. With competitive tournaments happening daily throughout the world, players of all ages are able to compete for large prize pools. A recent study at BetVictor discovered that Fortnite currently leads the U.S. in competitive earnings, handing out a whopping $16 million USD.

Fortnite takes over the world for competitive esports

The U.S. has provided the world with some of the most skilled gamers. In the Fortnite realm, players such as Bugha and Psalm have achieved some of the highest amounts of earnings out of all pro gamers.

Fortnite continues to stay ahead in the industry. Teams with various American players such as Faze, Cloud9, and TSM, continue to dominate the player space.

Bugha celebrating World Cup
Bugha celebrating World Cup

Overall, the U.S. ranked the second highest across the globe for competitive earnings throughout all video games. The country has earned around $60 million USD in total, with China coming in first, earning around $87 million.

Almost 50% of Fortnite's earnings paid out within the last year

This study found that 47% of Fortnite's earnings have been paid out from March 2021 to March 2022. This being just in the last year shows that Fortnite is just beginning its rise within the competitive scene.

As the game continues to grow competitively and casually, we will see more and more tournaments take place, giving out millions of earnings across the globe.

Psalm at World Cup
Psalm at World Cup

The addition of Zero Builds has also created quite a buzz within the competitive scene, bringing in a whole new group of competitive players. These tournaments do not have your usual Fortnite competitive participants, so it creates a whole new player base.

Fortnite's competitive scene continues to thrive as the game announces new tournaments weekly. Financial data sourced in this article come from