“Making up 27.15% of Fortnite competitive players, the 16-year-old player base has earned a total of $30.2 million USD.”

The peak age for competing in Fortnite is 16 years as per a recent study. The peak players in Fortnite have also earned more than $30 million

The BetVictor study analyzed the ages of the top competitive players from multiple titles and the total prize money as well. The peak competitive age of Fortnite players was the lowest followed closely by Rocket League and Overwatch.

Quite a bit of these players have earned millions of dollars, spanning across multiple different games. Using financial data on competitive esports tournaments, the study showed that multiple games’ peak age for competitive was below 20 years old.

Esports peak graph (BetVictor)

Out of all competitive esports, this is considerably the lowest. Fortnite allows players 13 years and older to compete. Most other games require you to be 16 years of age or older.

Fortnite has the youngest peak age for competitive players; Here is how much money some of had made

The study took a look at just how much the 16-year-old demographic of Fortnite competitive players has earned. Making up 27.15% of Fortnite competitive players, the 16-year-old player base has earned a total of $30.2 million USD.

Fortnite age to income graph (BetVictor)

The peak competitive age for Fortnite being 16 and also providing one of the largest percentages of competitive earnings within a video game is impressive. The study also showed that only 14 competitive esports players over the age of 28 have earned more than $100,000.

Fortnite as a whole has accumulated over $111 million USD in competitive earnings across all of its players. This is the third-highest amount of earnings within the esports community. Currently, DOTA 2 holds first with $280 million USD in earnings, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in second with $132 million USD in earnings.

How does this study affect the gaming world?

At the age of 16, Bugha won $3 million for winning the Fortnite World Cup 2019. (Epic Games vía AP)

Not only does this study help provide detailed insight into gaming and its competitive scene, but it also helps organizations and teams know what to look for when trying to pick up competitive players. For sponsors this study provides an adequate representation of their target audience.

Fortnite organizations such as NRG and Luminosity may look for younger players first before setting their eyes on a higher-aged player base. This study helps provide a pivot within the esports space for people looking at age when recruiting players. You can find the study in more detail here.

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